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Hello there, Stranger!
Welcome to my humble little blog.

The name's Tammie, but friends call me Tam (not 'thumb').

Who am I, you ask?
I'm not that smart top-scorer girl in your class.
I'm not that pretty lass you always see on the streets either.
I am passionate, stubborn and emotional.
My absolute most favorite thing to do is hanging out with people I care & love.
My passion burns for Jesus & photography.
I wish to travel more and see more.

This blog was created so I get to jot down my feelings.
Happenings in life.
That is, if I'm not too lazy to update ;)

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Monday, August 31, 2009 @ 10:00 AM
Happy 52~!

This is for my mama country :)

I bet you guys have heard this song many times on the radio

me and my bro
have been trying to find this song on the net for so long.

and at last I found it! XD
I like this song pretty much but I found out
some people don't like this song that much.

watching this video and listening to the way the radio DJs sing it
makes me feel somewhat patriotic..
freaky I know..

But you know.. I do feel somewhat blessed and happy to be a Malaysian
there are so many countries in the world that
are in way worser conditions then Malaysia

Having been overseas for almost a year before,
I can only imagine how tough it would be not to be able to taste the
rich creamy taste of nasi lemak.

Or the all year round summer time we enjoy.
We don't have ice falling down form the sky..
We don't have our earth splitting up..
We don't have mountins vomiting out fiery lava..
Apart from tsunami, I believe our country should get the
'the safest country from natural dissaster' award.

Or the wonderful tourist destinations we have
the breath-taking Redang, Tioman, Perhentian, Pangkor, Datai islands
are just a few..

so no country is perfect
if it is, we wouldn't be in it

eventhough some are unsatisfied with our country's politicians.
or other stuff..
but fact is we can make a difference.
if we stop complaining and do something about it.

All that aside, this post is dedicated to you-

have a good one :)

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Thursday, August 27, 2009 @ 2:46 PM



I am so shocked.
like me??

I won?


It all strated when I was half asleep.
I was about to drift to lala-land
when my sis shouted 'JIE your phone is ringing!! SHANLYN JIE wants to talk to you!!'

I was irritated.
Eh, people sleeping, you shout for what?

Sis came rushing in with my phone and Shanlyn (my cousin) was on the line.

The first few thing Shanlyn said to me was 'You won the Digi Speak Up contest'

Actually the first thing she said to me was 'Why you don't want to talk to meee?'
aww.sorry. did I mention I was about to fall alseep when you called? XD

Remember, I was still half asleep.
I thought I heard wrong.

'I WHAT??'

I thought she was pulluing my leg.
ShanLyn :'You won. The LG Cookie'
Me: 'Ya la ..Don't bluff lar..'
Shanlyn: 'I'm serious! Why would I lie to you? Go to the web page now. It's on the page'
Okay, when she mentioned 'the page'

I was like,

and *ta-da*
she was right.
So sorry I doubted you >__<

Cause you always like to joke with me.. and I'm so annoyingly naive I tend to believe everything you crap about.. Like the time you told me you and John really wanna get married.
Found out a minute later you were kidding when you started laughing so hard.

I still don't feel like a winner though.
maybe 'cause I can't see, feel, touch my new phone.
To be honset, when I first found out about this contest I was thinking, what is creative, cute and fun?

and yeah, I prayed about it.
I really really wanted the phone.

and guess what?
The next day, the image of fruits faces came to my mind..
I know this sounds cheesy and weird
but that was what gacve me the inspriation to draw faces on those bawangs :D

It's His blessing that I won.
Thank you :)

PS: I still haven't recieve any emails or text messages from them? Feels weird..

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009 @ 8:00 PM
Blogging about other bloggers
I should be studying.

I think I would.

SO my blog will be dead form now on.

Blogging is fun.
I am allowed to be creative and fun while blogging.

I met so many wonderful people through blogging.
It's even better then I expected.

I don't think I'll stop blogging anytime soon.
But I just gotta pause it for the moment, until after STPM.
I'm sure you guys understand :)

The AMAZING people I've met through blogging:

Chii & Netty.
They are both so friendly and funny. Read their blogs HERE and HERE respectively.
They're one of the first few bloggers I got to know when I started blogging.
Chii's studying in Nilai Collage now, and Netty's in KTT, where she dosen't have internet connection :(

Then there's Gacky.
She's super awesome. She's talented and pretty!
Her blog is always fun to read and creative.
I admire that girl :) Blog here.

Next comes MingSheng.
I think it's because of the Digi Voice Out contest that he came to view my blog.
Found out that we share more then just age, religion, race and education.
He's one supportive friend :)
It's such a blessing to be able to know him at all. I never thought it's a coincidence though :)
CLICK to read his blog.

WeiShze is also another blogger I came to know.
Can see she's a bit crazy like me XD
also came to know her through Digi Voice Out contest.
Her blog is sassy and sweet :)

Kelvin is a real funny blogger from Singapore. He gets all these hilarious picutres.
Another blogger from Singapore is Kris :) She clicked on my innit post about me ranting about Winnie the Pooh. She loves Winnie but I kinda insulted her.
In the end, I linked her. She's really cool too :)

XtasyM aka also another Kelvin is another blogger I find interesting. He's a bio med student. Cool huh? :)

Ken and SueJean are sibilings who are also awesome bloggers! Super good in English.
He's blogging style is funny and interesting.And he watches How I Meet Your Mother!
She is young but so talented in writting and blogging.

Carson is a good blogger. Very good in English as well :)

Gavin is MingSheng's friend. haha.. this sounds complicated dosen't it? But it's ture.
There're in the same class. And wow. Are all Ipoh-ans so good in English (including Gacky,Ken and SueJane)?!? LOL.

And there you have it.
All my beloved blogger friends. I think I may have left out some. I'm so sorry.

I'll add you guys in soon.

Those who stalk my blog (I doubt any), you increased my traffic, so Thanks! :)

I've came to love blogging.
This is probably one of the last few post I'll be updating until DOOM DAY aka STPM.

Of coures these are blogger whom I've never meet in real life. So Jojo and Nee, you guys are not in here.haha.. I have special post for each of you XD


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Sunday, August 16, 2009 @ 7:42 PM
It's official :(
So dad made up his mind. And he's going to Genting.

In fact, he is already on his way there as I blog.

Safe journey, daddykins :)
He'll be back tomorrow though. He's just going there to register.
Real job starts at the end of this month.

In another totally unrelated case
I went out with Jojo today xD
meet with Shera + Corey for the first time!
she's super sweet + friendly.
and he's super akward and shy(?)
parhaps cuz Jojo was there xD

So anyway.. back to topic.
Dad says he's gonna go wrok in Genting for 6 monts and see how it goes.
If it works out well, we might move. That'll be during the end of the year.
I'm sad.

grammer mistake is because this is a cat.

Nah.. shall not continue to be sad.
These pictures helped me smile :)

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Saturday, August 15, 2009 @ 10:00 AM
Battle of the sexes
My uncle asked me yesterday, "How many pair of shoes does a woman need?"
not suprisingly, his eyes darted to his wife when he subjected this question to me.

I was like.. OKAY.. akward.. 'cause I don't want to insult my favrouit aunt or give a bias *Are you kidding?!? A woman needs at least 50 pairs to satisfy her needs!* answer...

So I said "At least 2." That's being honest, okay.

1 pair for everyday use (eg. slipers) and 1 pair for formal use (eg. High heels)

If you're wondering WHY 2?
Listen here, BECAUSE, we can't possiblely wear sanddles to work and we can't wear heels to the beach.
Am I right or am I right? Excatly.

I thought he'll stop asking me these silly questions but he bombarded me with another one that goes like this "How many handbags does a woman need?"
Again, he gives his wife this look that says 'let's see what other people say'. Poor me.

But before I can think of anything to answer, my aunt (his wife) cut in asking "How many Husbands does a woman need?"
She shoot back at my uncle.

and she said "ONE. You only need one husband, and you can have as many shoes and handbags you want"

She gave me a wink.

Long live women and our handbags! XP


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Friday, August 14, 2009 @ 10:00 AM
Going or not?
Some serious updates this time..

my dad just got a job offer. If he accepts he's going to Genting.
and the rest of us will stay in Malacca. But not for long.
Perhaps after my STMP, we'll move as well.

I feel sad already.

I dunno what my dad's gona choose but I have a feeling he's going to accept.
He like the idea of going to a new place after working as a secondry teacher for so long.


The first thing that comes to mind is gambling and lots of hill + mountains.

Me and my family have been moving for as long as I remember.

I was born in Selangor and now I end up in Malacca (possibly Genting).
I used to hate moving.
Hate to stop being able to see my friends.
Hate to make new friends all over again.
Hate to sleep in a new room.
Hate to get use to new surroundings.

But that's life.
Now, looking back.. moving to new places taught me alot.
I learnt how to make friends. How to be adaptible to changes in surroundings.

Change is good. I hope.
The last time we moved was to Malacca, and my parents promised "This is the last time"
But suprise!
I can't blame them, I suppose.
and I won't.

Whatever Dad choose, we'll go through it together- as a family.

Shall update Dad's choice when I get the news.


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Thursday, August 13, 2009 @ 4:50 PM
Once Whole now Borken
Remember my Kukumalu piggy bank?
Click PiggyBank if you've forgotten.

Here's the original picture of my Kukumalu Piggybank :D

Then just last month, I found out that my pwetty piggybank is now......


And Rachel(my very clumsy sister) was found guilty of making Kukumalu lame.

Poor Kukumalu.
Kukumalu's bandage was done by Rachel.

She felt sorry she broke my stuff..
So she did this bandage on Kukumalu herself.

No longer whole and beautiful.

Side view.
DOCTOR Rachel!
How come I can still see cracks?!

The broken paw.

Blood Coins are spilling out.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009 @ 5:32 PM
Why I dislike Disney Actresses
Miley Cyrus at this year's Teen Choice Award.

1 word:
(sense my sarcasm?)

Daddykins is so proud of you isn't he?

You guys might think I'm mean to taunt her like this.

if this girl is the role model for millions of bilions of tween girls out there,

I'd say

Heavens no.
Please, no.
I beg you, no.

Lookie, the fan behind her is so thrilled, she can't breath.

Slutty rules.

Mothers, are you still letting your daughters watch HM?

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Monday, August 10, 2009 @ 3:26 PM
Enoch in Narnia!
My cute Singaporean cousins, Enoch and Dorcas, came back the other day
and they were playing around when I decided to record their games.

This is what I got

Me: 'Enoch where're you going?'
Rachel: 'Narnia!'
Dorcas: '...want to do video clip.'

He was very 'pai seh' that I recorded his stupid action on camera
so he charged at me.
Enoch: 'ARGHHHH~!'


Enoch as Enoch

Rachel as girl #1 opening closet door

Dorcas as girl #2 opening closet door








A Famosa Waterworld apartments for their wonderful closet

So Enoch didn't manage to tranport to Narnia.
He was sad.
'But life's good' I told him
'I don't suppose the White Witch will allow you to play football everyday' I added
That seems to cheer him up :D

You see why I love kids now?
They're so creative and make you laugh.

P/S: Sorry for my bad recording skills, camera shook too much. Btw, I have no idea why there's 2 image for the video, but no worries, the video works fine :)


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Saturday, August 8, 2009 @ 12:47 AM
Mask Meee
From today onwards, I'm going to be wearing a mask.

I know I'm the biggest hypocrite ever, since I'd always make it clear that people who wear surgical masks during one of those epidemic outbreaks, are -ultimately scardy cats who are afraid to um..you know.. kick the bucket.

Well anyway, YES I admit I'm the hypocrite and I should probably shut my mouth up next time a disease strik, but hey, I've got more then 1 reason to wear a mask.

Excuse Reason no. 1 :
The Haze.
I dunno 'bout you guys but in where I'm staying right now, haze is so thick, I can't see my fingers.

Okay so I'm exaggerating. But you get my point.

The haze in Malacca is very bad.

The smell of carbon in every breath I take is intoxicating.
I can't believe anyone in their right mind would continue to do open burning even after the baaaad haze.
IF I die of lung or nose cancer before I hit 25, my soul is going to haunt you- who ever you are that did open burning -for all eternity.
There, I feel much better.

Reason no. 2:
I've got flu.
Not swine flu!
Yeah just running nose and all.
and I've been sneezing all day. And -this may sound gross- I've been making wan tan (wonton) all day too.
wan tan.
Except my version was made out of tissue papers and umm...you don't wanna know.

Reason no. 3
Well actually, there's no reason no 3. But I like to think I do :D

Reason no. 4
Just because I don't have reason no. 3 don't mean I don't have reason no. 4! XD
well, it's pretty obvious, reason no. 4 would be cause of swine flu.

Lame, I know.

So, reasons reasoned out, let everyone wear masks!

mask for Piglet :)

mask for Buddah :)

And there's crazy/funny mask for everyone too XD

Vampire mask
*shiney fangs*

Zip mask.
*zip my lips*

Skin coloured mask.
*looks real*

Pssst.. lets mask up! xD


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Thursday, August 6, 2009 @ 6:09 PM
Black baby born to White Parents
Have you ever heard of the story of 2 white couple who had a dark skinned daughter?
It's not a story, it's real.

And this white couple's daughter wasn't just dark-skinned, she had fizzy hair too. And if you don't know her, you would never believe she is has any Caucasian blood.

But the fact still stands. Both her parents, Abraham and Sannie Laing are white. So were the girl's grandparents.

Before you start thinking, well maybe there was a mix up? Maybe she wasn't really the daughter of these Caucasian parents? No. They did a DNA test, and it confirmed that she was biologically their child.
Guys, meet Sandra Laing.

Sandra as a child

Sandra and mother Sannie

If you think I'm BS-ing then watch this video. It's the real documentary of Sandra. You get to see her. How she really looks like and if you pay attention, you'll realize that Sandra rarely looks up to the camera. She speaks in a soft voice and seems very introvert.

From what I've read of her, Sandra is like this because of the racism she faced when she was a child.
It's sad that Sandra Laing was born in the time and location where her appearance would greatly hinder her life. Because Sandra is a Afrikaner (Afrikaners are NOT Africans! They are European decedents living in Africa) born in South Africa in 1955 - a time when apartheid ruled.

Maybe God wanted to show them something
Maybe God wanted to teach them something..
But they wouldn't listen. They didn't learn. Because of her skin color, Sandra was kicked out of school at age 10 with 2 police men escorting her out. Imagine the humiliation she faced.

Sandra is now 40 something and married. She says "I'm much happier with black people. I am, I was, very shy with white people. Even today I still think white people don't like black people because of the way they treated me."

I thought this would be an inspiring lesson to all of us.

Sandra is suppose to be a fair skinned, perhaps even blond haired girl. But when that didn't happened, everyone accused her of being 'black'. Let's stop judging the book by it's cover. Judge a person by his or her heart :)

P/S: If you are still curious as why Sandra is dark skinned, try THIS site, it gives some explanations.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009 @ 8:33 PM
The revange of the FISH
I choked on a fish bone yesaterday.

Was having dinner as usual when I took this spoonful.
A needle like sting went through my throat.

I freezed.
Mum asked 'What's wrong?'
'Fish bone. My throat' was all I manage to choke out.

Mum nods knowingly, like she's some wise old woman whose been through all of these, and said 'Swallow clumps of rice.'
I didn't move. I don't believe clups of unchewed rice can make the fish bone go down.

She said again 'Swallow rice!'
'BUT I'll get indigestion!!!' I protested weakly

In the end they made me swallowed 2 handful of rice. Unchewed rice, FYI!

Guess what? The fish bone was still there. Oh joy.

Then mum said 'Swallow bread then'
I was speachless (partly because of the fish bone stuck there, every little vibration will sting my throat even more), if bread didn't work, what will mum make me swallow next??

But I was getting desperate.
So I took a slice of High5 bread and reluctantly swallowed it.
I prayed 'God, please please please please please, help me take the fish bone away, I don't want to go to the doctors.'

After 1 gulp of the bread-ball, the bone was still there!

Okay, truth was, by then I was crying. Har Har.
But seriously, I cried not becuase of the pain and uncomfort the bone was giving me but the idea of what will happened if bread didn't work.

I'd probably be wheeled to the Emergency Room in Malacca General Hospital at 8pm that night.
Doctors would probably wedge some intimidating tool down my oesophagus in attempt to take the bone out.

That thought send tears streaming down my face.

Still silently praying, I tried another glup at the bread-ball.
It worked.
The bone went down the throat.

Thank God! I was so relieved.

Now I shall wait for the indigestion from swallowing 2 rice-balls and 2 bread-balls to kick in.
I'm expecting cramps. Bad ones.

I shall continue to update if I don't end up in ICU.

Til then, the fishes are watching you!
Cheers! :)

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009 @ 3:38 PM
Suprised I was :)
I knew something wasn't right when I heard Jocelyn said to LeePing 'eh did you bring camera?'
I was like, 'why do you need camera?'
Then during assambly, I heard them going at it again:
'...but the canteen is full!...'
'...then where did you put it?...'
'...so...then you go and get ready...'

My girls may be amazing birthday suprise party palnners but they sure can't be totally discreet about it! Haha..

From those conversations, I could guess what they were planning to do.

Jocelyn and LeePing then draged me to the toilet, twice.
I was getting more sure of what they are planning.

Then, after we got back from the trip to restroom.
I heard footsteps. Many footsteps.

I turn around and I saw:
They came in full force.
Like a there's a perade or something xD

Even though I suspected it, but I never really expected it :)

Chocolate Indulgance from Secrat Recipi
(it was pure bliss)

The girls who made it happened :)

The guys who made it happened :)

Making my 3rd wish xD

Trying to act gangster-ish (comment: Not fierce enough)

Ignore the happy face, I got THIS stirght after taking the picture above.
and guess what?
the HEAD PREFECT did this to me!

Had to clean it up afterwards.
should've seen that coming >_<

Me and my babes, love u guys to pieces!

Behind the Sceens:
QuiPeng avoiding the camera xD

'You're hair's a mess'
XinYing helped fix Jocelyn's hair.

They were getting ready to 'suprise!' me

XinYing hiding the cake.

I ate 3 cakes ever since Aug 3rd and I think I've got enough fats in me to last 1 whole month in North Pole without any food supplies. LOL.

I seriously wanna thank all of my classmates, guys and girls (though I suspect the girls did more), for making my day. They even gave gifts!
Thanks Tzyy Ning, Karnee, Jocelyn, LeePing, XinYing and QuiPeng for the Chocolate! xD and Carol for the bookmark :)

Also, I wanna thank the paparazzo of the day - Jocelyn :) because of her I have all the beautiful memories captured and uploaded in my blog ^^

These memories will always be kept in my mind and locked in my heart.


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Monday, August 3, 2009 @ 6:21 PM
1 + 9 = 10..? XD
I tried not to think about it, but yesterday Jocelyn was the weee 1st one to wish me :)

she posted 'Happy Birthday' on my wall in facebook.

She reminded me! XD then Corey join in (tho I don't really know him,but it was sweet).

I tried not to think about it again but my phone rang at 11.30pm and Xin Ying wished me. I told her 'It's Aug 2nd not 3rd...yet' and she said 'I know but I'm afraid I may forget if I waited til 12 to wish you' XD that's XinYing.

So I waited til midnight, and my phone was motionless, apart from a few messages that wished me. HAHA. I know, that's why I've been trying to not remember it's my birthday. I brush off negative thoughts. I know my friends are busy, I hope they didn't forget, I told myself.

But tiredness overcome me and I went to bed. Was kinda let down, but this morning, WOAH.
hahaha.. my phone couldn't stop beeping.

It was crazy. Friends I haven't even talk to in more then 5 years remembred my birthday!
I was so touched.

Here are some bday wishes that I love:
The Best SPECIAL wish:
'Blessed Birthday! I thank our Lord and Saviour for you. You are special.....in a good way :) Love ya!'
From Elaine.

The Best Advice wish:
'Hey happy bdae old timer :) its your last year of teenage life. Appricieate it. Do all the stuff you wanna do and not regret about it. Don't despise your youth :) cheerio. Happy 19th :)'
From Joel.

The Cutest wish:
'When I see the stars, I see you! When I see the ocean, I see you! When I see the flowers, I also see you! Hey, pls larr.. you're blocking the view! Aiyo, tepid sikit lar! @_@ Hahahaha.. xD But nvm it's your birthday! =) happy 19th birthday! OMG, you're so old! Haha, joking~ hope you have a wonderful day and stay healthy and happy :) take care!'
From Roxy.

They're plenty more people who wished me: Ruth, LeePing, Karnee, Yin, HueySheng, JooSing, ChaoYap, YenHong, YiMin, Faiz, QuiPeng, TzyyNing, Cynthia, Stephanie.

Gosh. I love you guys so muchie!!
Can't thank you guys enough.. you wish may be little and coust not more then 20cents each but I'm extreamly touched and blessed to have you guys in my life! :)

My Ah Ma and aunts also gave me angpou. It was lovely of them to remember :) Thankyou!

Also, I can't forget my ShanLyn Jie or Kath as she's better known in Blogger. She bought me a gorgeous top! :D

Finally, it feels... well... old being 19. HAHA.
Wiser, I hope. (Oh wait.. my skin's peeling off..LOL)
I'm blessed enough to live until 19 (Thank God!). It's kinda sad to know it's my last year of teen life. But I can't stay sweet 16 forever right? Gotta move on. That's life :)


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Sunday, August 2, 2009 @ 2:57 PM
Day 5 (and 4) of Home Quarantine
I finish reading Eragon (tho I have to admit, I did skip some parts) so now, apart from studying for STPM, I have nothing to do.

Counting the spiderwebs at home.

I get responds from friends saying they can't comment on my post.. so I'll show you guys where it is
See the thing circle in red? That's where you can comment for each post.

I'm really not in a good mood to blog something interesting atm so I'll share this hilarious video for now.

I was always a fan of Ryan Higa.
He's funny.
Creative to the bone.
How the heck can he come up with something as witty as combining songs of both Chris and Rihanna?
*Watch if you feel like you need a laugh*

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Saturday, August 1, 2009 @ 1:17 PM

I did it. I did it. I did it.

gosh I'm so happy to finally get this HTML -comment crap. Thank God! :)

So what do you guys think of this blogskin? I edited it myself *beams*

If you're using Internet Explorer now, you probably can't see the 3rd coloum there --->
But if you're using Safari, Mozila Firefox or Google Chrome, everything is viewable :)

*sigh* Gald this is over. Shall proceed to study now :)


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