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Tammie says Smile!

Hello there, Stranger!
Welcome to my humble little blog.

The name's Tammie, but friends call me Tam (not 'thumb').

Who am I, you ask?
I'm not that smart top-scorer girl in your class.
I'm not that pretty lass you always see on the streets either.
I am passionate, stubborn and emotional.
My absolute most favorite thing to do is hanging out with people I care & love.
My passion burns for Jesus & photography.
I wish to travel more and see more.

This blog was created so I get to jot down my feelings.
Happenings in life.
That is, if I'm not too lazy to update ;)

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Saturday, October 23, 2010 @ 6:33 PM
Day #28 Something that you miss
Chinese New Year during childhood.

Is it just me or is Chines New Year each year getting less fun then the year before? :(

I miss the times I can eat anything I want and not worry about getting fat or pimples.
Missing the times when a single Ang Pow can make me happy.
Miss the times when we laughed and play all day, and when we got tired, we just curl up in the carpet sleeping, then mum and dad will pick us up to bed.


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Friday, October 22, 2010 @ 8:04 PM
Day #27 Your Favorite Place
ANYWHERE! As long as I have people I love with me :D

To me, who I'm with can change how I feel about a place.

But... If I really have to name a place.. It would be Bukit Tinggi. THE WEATHER IS just awesome. Do you know the sky looks bluer there? And the clouds looks extra puffy! Puffeh clouds, puffeh clouds, my favorite thing to see in the sky :D
The grass are greener, literally greener. The wind is cooling. The air is FRESH! MWAH! I love it there.

So all you people who wants to come visit this subarashi place, come! Before global warming happens and make Bukit Tinggi as hot as Melaka or any other place in Malaysia D:

Also, can we like, help stop global warming.. let's start by not using Styrofoam and stop using any plastic bags,walk more, use less air con...?

'cause if not.. my little piece of heaven on earth will be gone soon T___T

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Thursday, October 21, 2010 @ 9:09 PM
Day #26 Your Fears
Not being loved. Not being liked. Not being respected.

There I've said it.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010 @ 10:42 AM
Day #25 A first
I keep thinking of the first day in UTAR as my first.

The first time I met yew and teng :)
First time walking to campus.
First time completing an assignment.
First time staying away from home for weeks.
First time being completely in charge of my life.

It's amazing how firsts always seems like the best memories around.

It's been 3, almost 4 months I've gotten to know yew and teng and I can't complain. Even though UTAR doesn't have the best facilities in the world, but having the right friends with you certainly help balance it out ;)
So far, I love the learning experience here :)

3 more years to go x)

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Monday, October 18, 2010 @ 2:02 PM
Day #24 Something that makes you cry
Death of loved ones makes me cry. Really bad.

I cried at Ah kong's funeral. Really bad.
I don't think I've cried so bad in frount of so many people before..

Dead pets make me cry too. I once had a couple of Guppie fishs. I was cleaning their tank when one of the fish jumped out of the tank, committing suiside. That kind of shocked me and as a result I cried. lol. Not because I was emotionally attached to my pet. HAHAHA.

So that's all for today.. I shall continue tomorrow.

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@ 1:45 PM
Day #23 Something that makes me feel better
Almost everything makes me feel better.

A warm cup of milo
A hug
Comforting words


a saviour.

My laptop died on me yesterday.
It wouldn't start now.

I called my uncle and after giving instructions and nothiong worked, he concluded that my Windows 7 is corrupted :'(
So I'll have to format everything and re-install Windows again. Which means I'm very upset now. I feel like I'm handicap without my laptop :(

But you know what cheers me up? The fact that I can still go online with the campus's computers.
Granted, they're not the fastest or the most advanced desktops around.. but it's good enough for me :)

Praying that my laptop will recover soon :S
Dear Lord, please send a savouir for my laptop?

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Saturday, October 16, 2010 @ 11:32 PM
Day #22 Something That Upsets You
Change of plans. That's what makes me upset. Well, at least it did today.

Especially something that I've been looking forward to a long time, and it gets cancel makes me cranky. Upset.

I just don't like it when I get all excited and happy looking forward for something I hoped will happened, but something happened and then all my built up excitement comes crashing down =.=

But I am aware that, sometimes, change is necessary. It's just that.. I get annoyed.. at first.. then I'm okay. I'll always be okay in the end =)

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Friday, October 15, 2010 @ 5:11 PM
Day #21 Another Moment
It was 1997. I was 7 years old.

I remember being woke up by my parents. They were calling me to wake up. But I was still sleepy. I opened my eyes slightly and realized it was morning already.

As I rubbed sleep off my eyes, I finally heard what my parents were making a fuss about.

'Tammie, look out the window! It snowed last night while we were sleeping!'

I was FULLY awake by then. I rushed to my bedroom window, pushed away the curtain and sure enough, the once green ground is now covered in pure white pretty clean snow. Do you know how beautiful untouched snow looks like from the 2nd floor?
It looks like God placed a white blanket on top of the ground.

Photo from Google, but I carefully choose this one
because it resembles the closest to the scene in my memory.

That was the moment I saw snow for the first time in my life.

Oh, me and my family was in US then.
It was the first day of winter snow, and our family (being typical Asians all of our lives) had been waiting for this day (counting down to the first snow) since we stepped foot on American soil ;)

I guess this is another moment in my life. I remember holding my breath and just soaking in the glory and beauty of it all.

Me and my brother gladly finished our breakfast quickly and put on 3 layers compromising of sweaters, coat and jacket and we raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan outside to play with real snow for the first time ever.

Oh I also remembered Kevin and I even ate snow. We got sick a few days later. Lol.
Hey don't blame us, snow looks so clean and fresh and pretty. We just wanted to try it in our mouths :P

The fever was worth is XD

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Thursday, October 14, 2010 @ 5:30 PM
Day #20 This Month
1. Worn contacts on all my waking hours for a whole week, 1st time in my life.

2. Started playing Baking Life on Facebook.

3. Started watching Bones
Season 4 now :D

4. Went to Kuantan.

5. Learnt a few new Photoshop skills.

6. Slept and wake up whenever I want
(Sem break babeh!)

done all these things this month.
So sad sem break is going to end so soon :'(

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010 @ 9:31 AM
Day #19 Something You Regret
Getting myself short sighted on purpose.
That's one of the major regrets in my life.

photo from Whangster's dA

I was only 10 when my then best friend got herself a pair of spectacles.

Being a curious girl, I asked her to let my try on the specs.
I looked into the mirror and found that I look awesome seeing myself in specs.

I know.
Stupid stupid 10 year old thinking.
Give me a clown nose and the 10 year old me will think I'll look awesome too =.=

So anyway from that day on I had a mission- to make myself short sighted so I can get a pair of spectacles too.

I love reading. Mum always says never to read while laying down to protect the eyes. Right? That's what all grown ups used to say. Well, I used that technique to spoil my eyes.

I would always lay down on my bed, reading. After like a month of doing so, I finally got what I wanted.
I realized my eyesight was starting to get blurry and I can't see things from far.

photo from Roketina's dA

So yeah, that's how I got short sighted. On purpose. Damn me. 
And to make matters worse, I found out that I've inherited my father's family side of gene, which is bad eyesight. Meaning I'm more prone to getting short sighted, I don't have to do it on purpose, I would've get spoil my eyes at some stage of my life. I just speed things up.
All the adult family members in my dad's side wears glasses. ALL.

I am feeling remorseful as I type now D:
Crap crap crap.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010 @ 8:32 PM
Day #18 Your Favorite Birthday
In my entire life, this was THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

That was my most memorable birthday ever.
Well, you get the point :)

Because one of my best friends planed it- Nancy Yap (and Karnee and the gang)

The whole class was involved, including a few from the class next door.

THE CAKE WAS AWESOME! Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe.

I was really really touched. But I couldn't bring myself to cry because I was too excited and happy.

Even until today, I still think of this as the best birthday I had :)

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Monday, October 11, 2010 @ 8:33 PM
Day #17 Your Favorite Memory
I was sitting at my desk doing my homework.

The bell just rang, recess was over.

You came walking in the classroom. I can see you were in a good mood. You were smiling and joking.

You saw me sitting there. I smiled. You smiled. We both knew you're in a playful mood.

Then you suddenly started walking fast.
I didn't think so much, so I turned back to face my homework.

The next moment when I looked up, I saw your face sweeping down on me like an eagle sweeping down on it's pray. It was so fast that I didn't have time to react.

I guess you were shocked too,because you quickly pulled away. Yeah, I blushed but I didn't think much of it afterwards, because you were always teasing me like that.

I got a text message from you after school. You apologized for being so playful, you said you went over the line.

I guess you can say I was even more shocked, I didn't expect you to apologize, because you didn't do anything very wrong to me.. but the fact that you apologized made me replay the scene in my mind again. It made me realized how close our faces came O.o''

This memory stayed with me all the time. Maybe it's not the ideal 'favorite' memory for people, but it was definitely the most memorable for me.

So, yeah, my fellow blog readers may get a little confused reading this post, but that's the whole point. lol.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010 @ 8:57 PM
Day #16 Your first kiss
I'll leave this space to be filled up when the time comes ;)
mum, you're not reading my blog are you? >__<

Even though I've nothing to blog about on this title, it makes me remember a quote:
Girls worth kissing are not easily kissed.

No self-praise intended here.. just kind of my motto in relationships.

ha, who's gonna go back through all my blog posts just to read this post?

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Saturday, October 9, 2010 @ 8:58 PM
Day #15 Your Dream
I've always wanted to be famous.

I used to write these little stories, you know? Something like short stories.
And there're always about love, boy-girl relationships.

Well, so I started dreaming of being famous for writing novels, like my favorite authors Nicholas Sparks and Mag Cabot. I was only 14 then.

Later, I found out that my vocabulary is only limited to words like 'awesome' and 'amazinggg' so I kinda gave up that dream.

But then, I fell in love. And from then on, my dream was changed.

I love taking photographs.

I love traveling around the world.

My dream would sound a little far fetched... but.. I want to be a world renowned photographer.

anyone get my secret code? :D
Click HERE and change 'English To English', copy this code, paste it, then click 'listen' and you'll crack the secret code ;)

I want to be a photographer.
A good one.
No, scratch that, an amazinggg one.

I don't want to be a photographer who holds that camera and looks cool, but gives 'meh' photos.
I don't want to be the photographer who has all these fancy gadgets but don't know how to master them.
I don't want to just be 'another' photographer.

I want all my photos to tell a story.
To bring tears to your eyes.
To bring joy to your face.
To bring a smile on your lips.
To make you pause and think.
To make you catch your breath when you look at my photos.

Can I?
So, yea, that's my dream.
It's big.
But I really hope it comes true.

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Friday, October 8, 2010 @ 8:49 PM
Day #14 What you wore today
I wore t-shirt with shorts today.


and shorts

photos from Google

I can't blog too much now, must learn new skill in photoshop XD
see ya!

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Thursday, October 7, 2010 @ 10:11 PM
Day #13 This Week
My mum asked me first thing when she saw me on Facebook today 'How was it like being a BIG SISTER for your cousins this week?'

I'm not kidding when she caps lock 'BIG SISTER', what? Is that like a secret code or something?
I mean I am a big sister even at home. Hello? Mum, you gave birth to me, you should know? =.=

I spent this week in Kuantan. hehe.
And guess what? I life a healthier life here. lol. I sleep before 2am everyday okayyy. So amazinggg right? I can see my pimples disappearing as well =D

I'm at Kuantan babysitting my little cousins. 17, 14 and 10 years. When I told my friend this, he was like, 'You're only 3 years apart from the eldest.' That made me =.=''
haha, okay so I'm not that big enough to babysit them, but I still do it, coz I wanna spend more time with them when their parents are overseas :)

Let me introduce them:
First, Roxanne. I call her Roxy sometime. hehe.
Roxy & Jared
Roxy & Jared 2 xD

She's the eldest. The one who loves art and photography.
It was her influence that I love photography too :)

Next, Rowei. The middle child. She's the one with better memory. HAHA Roxy, no offence hor =P

She's also always making funny faces XD

Lastly, Jared boy. lol. The youngest and only boy in the trio.
 He's another funny face maker.

Jared loves watching disturbing cartoons. He influenced me to like watching The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

and I introduced him to Charlie the Unicorn. Muahahah XD

So back to the topic. This week, I cooked lunch for them. Which was better then cooking lunch at home, because their kitchen is so nais. lol.

I felt like an adult this week. haha. I know. I am. But staying at home with this 3 kids, well you know XD
What I did this week in a quick recap:
Helped Roxy make her poster for school

Brought Jared to the playground

where he met a new friend to play ball with x)

 Jared learning a new trick


Apart from that I watched a lot of Bones. But I'm still at Season 2 T__T
Slept a lot.

Wore my contacts lens tooooo much.
Because I left my glasses at Bkit Tinggi.
Wonder what damage I've done to my eyes T__T
oh wells.

Anyway this week was fun.
Let's do it again! XD

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010 @ 3:55 PM
Day #12 What's in your bag
This is easy.

I've poured out all the contents of my bag, here, take a look.

A Canon 500D DSLR
it's battery
my purse
my handphone
an ATM withdrawal recite
OXY wet facial wipe
'My Journey' daily devotional booklet

I still dunno why I choose to buy a blue & white strip bag. It's mainly because of its size I believe.
I wanted a huge bag, so I can carry my camera with me all the time. I also like the beach-y feeling the bag gives. heh.

The camera is the most important object in my bag. Also the most expensive. I always take out the battery when I'm not using it, to make sure the battery doesn't drain.

My purse was given to me by mum. Well, actually I took it because mum never used it. I was like 'Ma, I need a new purse, can we go buy one? Oh, wait... you're not using this are you?' and it became mine form then on XD

RM10 was out of my purse because I didn't bother to put it inside after I took it out. lol. I'm that lazy. ha.

My house key chain is of a wooden doll that looks like a voodoo doll. The key chain was one of my (16th year old? *forgotten*) birthday present.

Nixsoderm is like the best cream around. You can use it for scratches, light burn, mosquito bite, and pimples. It's so amazinggggg. Even though it stinks. yeah. lol.

I wasn't aware of this before, but after seeing what's inside my bag, I realized that I'm quite a clean freak..*gasps*

I had no idea.

OXY facial wipe, tweezer and comb all proves that.
Ahh, well, I could've been worse.

I wouldn't say I'm a really religious girl, but I try to do morning devotions daily. Thus, 'My Journey' booklet :)

Actually, I'm a REALLY LOW mantainance girl! As you can see form the contents of my bag.

No make up thingy majiggy, no PSP, no sunglasses, no sunscreen... heck, come to think of it, my bag doesn't even look like a female's bag O.o

But whateva :D
I am happy with the contents of my bag and there's not a single day that can go by where I do no need the stuffs from my bag :D

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010 @ 9:42 PM
Day #11 Your siblings
I'm sure I talked a lot about my siblings in my blog.. like the 12 year difference between my little sister and me, and my annoying brother.

So, I shall blog about their personality this time.

My brother, Kevin and I are 4 years apart. He used to be seriously cute when he was a baby. Chubby cheeks, cute face, dimpled smile.
Kevin when he was 10 years old and my then 5 year old baby sister.

But adolescent is a monster to Kevin. Ever since he hit 13, he's become emo boy. Not just emo, he's a freakin poser too.

Emo boys wears make up.
Especially if it's mascara.
Mum is so going to pinch him if she sees this photo.

Poser is the one kicking.
but I must say, his mid-air kicks are good.

He's a mafia too.
he looks ugly in this photo, but that's the point XD

Actually, my brother is a pretty good lookin' guy.
left hand side in this photo.
Oh shut up, I'm just going to say it this once, Kevin's good looking.
he looks like Justin Bieber here. HAHA.

My brother plays guitar.
My dad's influence.

Kevin also plays football, he's always following football matches which he will discuss with dad. But he's currently more into basketball now.
His taste in music is terrible. It goes from pop to punk rock to sentimental to rock to hard rock to kind of heavy metal rock. I CAN BASICALLY DIE LISTENING TO THE MUSIC HE LISTENS TO. There.

He does read more. So technically he's smarter then me. He knows about stuff like the Freemasons, famous communism leaders and much more.

The one thing I hate about my brother is that he's so freaking EMO. Whenever he's in his emo mood, he wouldn't answer me. All he does is sulk, like a girl. =.=
But I'm still glad I have him as my brother. Even though he's emo.

Next, my little sister. Rachel.
kissy kiss =X 

Bunny ears! XD

She says and does the cutest things. But one thing about my sister is that she loves watching tv and reading books. Cartoons especially.
Whenever she's reading or watching tv, NOTHING CAN DISTRACT HER. I MEAN NOTHING.

You can call her for a million times, but her eyes will still be glued to the book or the television set.
It's so annoying I tell you! >__<

BUT I still love my baby sister. Maybe a little more then my bro, but he's the emo one who asked for it =.=

All in all, I love you guys! No matter how annoying, irritating, disturbing you guys are, both of you are my little bro and sis and I will always be your big Jie Jie..
so SUCK IT UP and live with it XD

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Monday, October 4, 2010 @ 9:16 PM
Day #10 What you wore today
What I wore today was just t-shirt and pants because I didn't go out today, I wore the same thing the whole day.

I can't believe this is all I'm going to blog about today =.=''

I did some photographing today :)
made me smile.
my cousin, Jerad.

Music <3

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Sunday, October 3, 2010 @ 7:35 PM
Day #9 Your beliefs

I've been a Christian all my life.

But my parents have not.

My dad was a teen when he started going to church. My grandpa was so angry when he found out that he drag my dad and threatened to scold the pastor in church. But my grandpa never got to scold the pastor that day because he couldn't find that church. My dad said a large lorry was blocking the church, so grandpa couldn't find it.
I believe that wasn't a coincidence.

Usually, people, especially Asians, think that Christianity is a 'Western religion'.
Actually, to be precise, Jesus was born in Jerusalem, Israel. Israel is Middle East. Middle. Not East, not West :)
It's just that most white people are Christians. But I wouldn't bet on that now. Most white people these days prefer not to have a religion.
Believing in Him doesn't mean I give up my culture and my roots. I still celebrate Chinese New Year. I still eat with chopsticks. I still have a Chinese name :)

I like to think that my faith, Christianity is not just a religion. It's a relationship, with God.
It's about talking to Him everyday.
It's about reading His word daily.
It's about learning to trust Him in difficult situations.
It's about being a better person for Him.

I believe in a baby born centuries ago, named Jesus. I believe he died on the cross, not by mistake, but to complete the mission he came to earth for. I believe he was the son of God. I believe in heaven and hell. I believe that there's salvation in Jesus.

Some people may find may belief hard to believe or accept. Others may think it's utter crap.

All I can say is, I hope you'll respect my belief, as I will respect your's :)

Okay, I guess that's the most basic stuff about my beliefs. I don't usually blog about my beliefs because I don't want people to feel like I'm shoving my faith in your face.
Pardon me if you think so, I am merely describing my faith in this post.

Till tomorrow, see ya! :D

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Saturday, October 2, 2010 @ 7:51 PM
Day #8 A moment
I remember a moment.
It was when I was still a little girl. I can't really remember how old am I. But I was small.

I remember my dad playing the guitar. He was singing a song, and I was just bobbing my head along with him, reading the lyrics form his lyric book.

I've never heard the song before but still I sang it like I knew it.

At first, it was just like any other song for me. But as I keep singing and the more I sang the more I begin to like that song.
At that moment, I guess I fell in love with music. Or more precisely, understand the beauty of music.

By the time me and dad finish singing 'On Top of The World' I was asking him to play and sing the song again and again.

Well, that's my moment.

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Friday, October 1, 2010 @ 11:01 PM
Day #7 Your Day
I woke up around 6am today. lol. Why?
Because I wanted to eat the toast bread mum made for Kev & Rach as breakfast. It was so niceeeeeeee because mum put honey on top of the toast and I ate 3 yummy toast bread with my eyes half open and mind still in lala land.

BUT I am positively sure I ate toast bread and it was like heaven :D

After the 3rd toast bread I walked like a zombie back to my bed and *plop* back to sleep.

The next time I opened my eyes is because the house phone was ringing like mad.

Alright alright! I'm awake already.

So I stumbled out of bed, but just as I took the phone and said 'Hello?'
The line went dead. Yeah, DEAD. Thanks for the wake up call.

I knew it was mum calling, so I called her back. I was still blur as I just woke up.
Mum told me I don't have to cook because her school is having a party of some sort.

I literally shouted 'YEAH!' By then I am totally awake :D

So I end up watching Bones on pps for the rest of the morning. heehee.
Bones is as gory as CSI, but they still have a sense of humor ;)
I likey.

Mum came back from school so I helped her make jelly and tuna for a gathering tonight.

I made the apple tuna again XD

That night, we went to Aunty Penee's house for Daniel and Anabelle's goodbye party.
Daniel and Anabelle are siblings and our neighbor. They're moving to KL soon, so we had a gathering for them.

We also celebrated Danial's early birthday.
Anabelle having the cake.
lol at her expression.

Because the room was not well lit, I had to use slower shutter speed..
that made Anabelle's face blury when she moved.

I hope Anabelle still remembers me after she moves. She's a cute little girl with a lot of things to say :)

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