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Sunday, November 13, 2011 @ 12:14 AM
Cats with wings and...
Tortoises have shells.
Bulls have horns.
Dogs have tails.

But do you know that there actually are cats in this world that grows wings?

Yeah, I'm back blogging about strange and unusual things :D

Yes, some cats grow wings. BELIEVE MEEEEE.
Yesh I'm still high on 'drugs' but not on the synthetic drugs, okay. Still high on Jesus. lol. So what I'm about to blog is fully true. BELIEVE!

So there's this cat in China, it grew wings.


You expect me to say more? You don't believe me do you? Well, you need to! :P

Haha, okay, no more trolling.
This lady, Feng, owns a winged cat.
Read original story here.

Feng lives in Sichuan.
This winged cat with no name is a tom cat (boy cat).
Feng says her cat started growing wings when all the queen cats (lady cats) comes after her tom cat. 

About 267.12km from Feng's home in Sichuan,

another family in Chongqing also has a winged cat. (I am so geographical.tsk.)

So this family has a winged cat too. Proof.

In fact, winged cats aren't as unusual as you think. There appears to be a lot of them throughout history. So much that Wikipedia has a compilation of cats who grew wings. Check it out here.

If you did click on all the links I've provided, you'll also find out why these cats grew wings.

Basically, it's because these cats have long coats of fur. Longer then normal cats. Wikipedia suggested 3 main factors: 1. Poor grooming 2. Skin condition 3. DNA causes growth of extra limbs.

If you're wondering, none of these cats can fly. Those wings are just extra growth on their backs.

If you think I'm going to stop here, you're wrong. :D

Since we're on winged cats, I thought I might as well cover 'horn' cats. See what I did there?
Wing = Angel
Horn = Devil

Awesome right. As if dishing to you about winged cats aren't enough, I present to you, Yoda, a cat with 'horns':

Yoda looks pretty sinister here.
It's a coincidence that he's a black cat, right. Right. *grin*

Well, technically, Yoda does not have horns. Those 2 flaps on his head are extra ear flaps. So Yoda is actually a cat with 4 ears.

Go ahead, read the full article here.

Despite all these weird things about these cats, I'm sure that they are still normal cats with normal behaviours. Don't go worshipping them and stuff. heh. 

Until the next weird news (or my next emotional blog post), see ya!

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