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Who am I, you ask?
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I am passionate, stubborn and emotional.
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My passion burns for Jesus & photography.
I wish to travel more and see more.

This blog was created so I get to jot down my feelings.
Happenings in life.
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011 @ 7:02 PM
A Generation's Hue
Hi guys! (if you all are still stalking my blog)

I have something special to share with you guys today. Something that touched me when I first watched it. Something simple yet full of impact.

I just found out that my friends made a PSA video and named it "A Generation's Hue", in case you don't know what PSA means, it stands for Public Service Announcement.

I've watched it. And if the main actor (the father) wasn't a friend I know personally, I would have tear a little bit, rage a little bit, while watching the 1 minute video.
I guess it just feels weird to see someone you know act so violent all of a sudden, and he's not like that in real life. He's a God fearing guy in real life :)

So anyway, click this link to direct you to the video. It's actually a contest and they are in the top 10 finalist. That should say something

I've watched all the 9 other PSA videos, and I can honestly, unbias-ly tell you that "A Generation's Hue" is the best.
Watch it, and if you feel it's not good enough, don't vote. But if you think it really speaks out the message the video was carrying, vote.

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