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I'm not that smart top-scorer girl in your class.
I'm not that pretty lass you always see on the streets either.
I am passionate, stubborn and emotional.
My absolute most favorite thing to do is hanging out with people I care & love.
My passion burns for Jesus & photography.
I wish to travel more and see more.

This blog was created so I get to jot down my feelings.
Happenings in life.
That is, if I'm not too lazy to update ;)

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Monday, June 29, 2009 @ 11:30 AM
What's wrong with my name?
Some people have the weirdest/funniest/odd/interesting names ever.

Like there's this doctor called Harry Bush. Don't believe me? Click HERE to his link.

and there's names like Tad Pole, Bea Sting, Terry Aki and you get what I mean..
(I get all these bizarre names from www.funnynames.com. )

I'm not trying to make fun of these names, but if parents want their children to be taken seriously, you'd think they'll bestow better names for their little darlings then Barbie Dahl or Zach O'Balls.

I mean, if you know clearly well that your last name is the uncommon Gay, you'd be wiser then register your child's name as Ben or Ima.

Parents, names like Honey Bunny Hare may sound sooooo adorable when your tiny cutie baby is born but think about the horror your child is going to face when she goes to an interview.
Interviewer: "So it says here that your name is um...*cough* Honey Bunny Hare?"

Honey Bunny Hare: "Yes, Sir."

Interviewer: "What do people call you?"

Honey Bunny Hare: "Some call me Honey, others call me Bunny. Some mean ones call me Hairy Hare... *sniff*"

*Akward scilence*

So parents, the next time you want to name a child. Be thoughtful. Be considerate.

I personally don't have a funny name. But some people do pronounce my name differently.
They would call me 'TUMMY' or the best one ever 'DAMMIT'.
My tuition teacher. He's the one who called me 'dammit'. I'm very sure he said 'tammie' though. But the way he pronounces it its like he ate up the 't' sound and added the 'it' sound to my name. Lucky thing no one else notice his pronunciation. Or I'd be the girl known as Dammit.

But if you think you have it bad with your name your parents so conveniently left you with, let me introduce you to this guy:

His name?
George Garratt.
Oh that's so boring, you'd say.
Well, that was his old name.
His new name is even better.
Way more powerful and defiantly a mouthful.
Because his new name is now

are you ready for it?

Yes. You read right.
It's Captain Fantastic Faster Then Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine The Hulk and the Flash Combined.

"WOAH! Holy S*** I want that name too!!" <--Guy's reaction.

"OMG!"<-- a much more normal Girl's reaction.

Captain Fantastic Faster Then Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine The Hulk and the Flash Combined said he changed his name "for a bit of a laugh".
And guess what? His grandmother is no longer speaking to him.
I don't blame her, that poor woman probably can't call her grandson in a single breath now.

Click here for the whole article on Captain Fantastic Faster Then Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine The Hulk and the Flash Combined.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009 @ 4:50 PM
Food, Food and more food.

Yupp. It's Canteen Day.
I got 10 tones darker and 5 times sexier. (<-- I wish)
*someone please tell me dark skin is sexier before I burst into puddle of tears*

The day that we go mad. I mean crazy mad.

Or at least I went mad.
I was basically behind our Taekwondo stall, waving and 'hello-ing' everyone that passed by -trying to get them to buy something.
(I admit I scared a few of them away. Especially the little kiddies in form 1 & 2. LOL.)

Our Pengerusi.
We always joke about his Crayon Sin Chan's eyebrow. Wakaka..

The 1st customer of the day.
Mr. Tang Poh Tong.
Girls, he's still single *wink*

Watch out for this pizza hut cardboard. It's going to be featured in a few more pictures XD
This is LeePing, shying away from my camera.
AND... NO, I'm not being paid to advertise for Pizza Hut. (although you can always always click on THIS link, anytime, don't feel shy) XP

Alvin. So hyped up about the watermelon. A watermelon.
Like seriously, Alvin.
Put the poor watermelon down.

The rojak we made. Yeah, it doesn't look very appetizing.
We didn't manage to sell much of this.

The tao ki that fell down on the floor.
*Died upon impact.
Was slowly devour by a colony of black ants few hours later.
Poor, Poor tao ki.
Your crunchiness will always be missed*

Love this picture the most.

WHY is everyone avoiding the camera?!?

The molested watermelon.

Jocelyn & mua. 

Okay I'm running out of pictures to show off.
So that's about it.
Will update soon.


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Friday, June 26, 2009 @ 7:14 PM
Buh-Bye Mr. Jackson~
Can you believe it??

Dad told me that Michael Jackson passed away first thing after I got in the car after school.

It took me 1 second to ask "Huh??" but my dad never joke about people dying so I'm sure he was sure.
But it took me like, 5 minutes to register in my mind that he really is dead.

The man who sang 'it doesn't matter if you're black or white' but was never really comfortable in his own skin...

The man who made moon walking famous...

The man who achieved so much in the music scene...

The man who won the hearts of millions with his beautiful voice, and probably has more fans then the whole population of Malaysia...

The man who's considered a legend...

is now no more.

My brain can't fully digest all that.
I took my time.
Then I was like 'OM*toot-ing*G! He really is dead.'
(I always have this crazy assumption that celebs just don't die. I mean not until I do. lol. crazy, no?)

Light Fm was playing his songs as a tribute to the King Of Pop.

I was never a a huge fan of his. But nevertheless, I do have the urge to get up and dance to his songs. His songs are very good.

I respect Michael.
Even when news broke out that he was broke.
Even when he was sued.
Even when they claimed he did unmoral things to children.

I never really blamed him. Truth be told, he's been through a lot.
His childhood wasn't as blissful as we thought it was.
Yes, more then Lindsey Lohan and her in-and-out of rehab or breakup-with-Samantha drama.

Doesn't matter if you love him, hate him or don't give a damn about him, it is a fact that this man has left a significant mark on the music industry and probably in the lives of millions.
Rest in peace, Michael.
You deserve a rest after so long.

P/s: My bro is very skeptical about this. He thinks its some kind of conspiracy behind.
His theory? Jacko faked his death because he wants to live a new life. Yeah right, Kev. Yeah right.


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Thursday, June 25, 2009 @ 6:06 PM
Welcome BACK!!

See that? haha. 

I'm so freakin proud I finally manage to participate in this competition.

Yeah so my picture was the one circle in red. With the familiar bawangs. lol.

My mum just came back from a 2 and a half weeks in JB (I can't tell you how relief my dad is now). When my mum step into the kitchen I heard her say 
"Aiyo! who drew these bawangs??"

I laughed.

She knew straight away.
(I'm the only one in the house who has all these excess creative energy.)
And she said again,
"2 weeks I'm away and you got nothing better to do then drawing bawangs?"
I saw her picking up my animated bawangs and examining them.

Welcome back, mum.
It came to a point where I'm quite sick of Dad's amazingly annoying nagging.
I do miss your nagging *ahem**cough* cooking!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009 @ 8:13 PM
Transform me.
Guys, just admit it la...

We girls can take it. I mean its not like its news to us. Right?


How so very typical.

oh oh oh!! And also because of those 'crash!' 'bang!' and 'boom!' sound effects you guys so adore.

oh! And also because of the large shinny machines you guys go ga-ga over.

hot girl+action pack+shinny cars= Blockbuster.


Hey, don't get me wrong.
I love Transformers the movies and all but I think it's slightly overrated.
By guys.

Last friday, two guy friends asked me and my friend if we wanted to join them to watch Transformers today.
Since it's a weekday, both me and my friend can't go.
So we suggested changing day to weekends or something.

And guess what the guys say?

'No, we can't 'cause we wanna watch it on the first day it's out.'

I totally went swt.

Since I was drawing on onions yesterday, I might as well upload a few other similar pics :)


Happy Family!

Little Red Bawang Merah.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009 @ 8:07 PM
Just because we are different...

Racism is everywhere. Not just in Malaysia.

But Malaysia is more prone to this disease because we are beautifully multicultural.

Now, I'm not accusing EVERY Malaysians for being a racist. I've known many wonderful Malaysians who are friendly and loving to others regardless of the color of the skin.

Basically, racism is not really bad in our country. The only place we can find racism now is in the school and outside school compounds. Secondary schools especially.

My ex school used to have gang fights every now and then.

It's pretty common to find gangs outside of my then school.

Gangs are always after each other. Especially gangs of different races.

A tiny, accident bump on the shoulders when between 2 different races

is enough to start a fight.

These gangs sometimes would fight real bad.

Other times they would just make a scene, shout and stuff like that, then after a while they would all disperse.

I remembered I used to get quite frighten when these fights start.

I would usually witness all these cuz I'll be at the bus stop waiting for Dad.

Of couse, there's no such thing happening in the working world.

But I don't think those were involved in these racial gangster fights would have good memories or impressions about other races.

How nice would our country be if we could stop labeling others by looking at their skin and the language they speak.

Wouldn't it be nice if all the bawang merahs can accept poor little bawang putih as friend?

It's not about our outlook appearance, if its red or white, it's about what's inside, we are all bawangs.

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@ 2:58 PM
Shave his HEAD BALD!!!
I sure have some weird respond.

My previous post about hot bald guys right? Well, today I checked my Nuffnang and I got this:

In case the words are too small to be read, it's 'Shave boyfriend head bald'

This means that, someone was googling the words 'Shave boyfriend head blad' and they end up getting the link that leads to my blog.

My first reaction was, 'Woah... we have a very unhappy girlfriend here...I wouldn't want to be the boyfriend now.'

Haha.. I really love these funny things.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009 @ 3:27 PM
Top 7 Good Looking/Hot Bald Guys In The World.

Betcha never thought that bald guys can be hot too, eh?
There's something about bald men that is different from the rest.

And I mean Shinny Head, bald. Not the really really short hair, bald.

Men usually pride themselves with thick luscious hair. But it's too bad their hormones wouldn't let them.
Male baldness occurs more then female baldness.
However there are men who shave bald straight away.

Because they decided to bald gracefully. LOL.

So, I came up with a list of them.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did when I blog about this :)

Mahatma Ghandi
He's totally adorable!
In the bald-old-man kinda way.
That's why he's on no. 7.

Bruce Willis
Ex husband of Demi Moore and father of Rummer Willis.
He's bald.
But I kinda suspect his baldness has something to do with his age. Not his wanting to be different. lol.

Michael Jordan
Mr. Jordan is cute. kinda.
oh well who cares how un-cute he is.
He's so famous he don't need no wig.
and that confidence is rocking. 

Christ Daughtry
Mr. Almost-Made-It-To-Becoming-American-Idol.
He rocket to fame when he joined American Idol.
But was eliminated during the 'top 4', and it socked all his fans including the judges.
Post Idol, his most famous rock song 'It's Not Over' won hearts of millions.
We seldom have bald rockers.
One of the reason why he's on the list.

Vin Diesel
I used to get him mixed up with Bruce Willis.
haha. My bad.

Watch this guy in The Pacifier, The Fast and the Furious + The Chronicles of Riddick and you'll understand why he's on this list.

The ever cute guy in my heart.
Just look at his smile. Charming XD
Anyway I didn't do a background search on him but I'm guessing he went bald for the character of Lex Luthor in the TV episode of Smallvill.
That is a very brave move, if you ask me.
here's another picture of him:
Not as cute as his bald version.
This goes to prove that bald is hot.
For some guys at least :)

You guys must be wondering who's got no.1?


Sit up straight

and pay attention

because the No 1. BEST LOOKING bald man


*drum rolls*


you guys must think this is stupid.
But seriously.
My dad will always be the best looking guy to me.
Even though he's going bald.
or like he's already got quite a shiny head
*as clearly seen in the picture*

In the beginning he was quite freaked out about balding
it was such a touchy and sensitive issue for him,
but slowly, he's accepting that fact.
He's my full-time driver,
part-time sejarah teacher,
part-time cook,
great Father.


P/s: I think I can come up with a list of almost anything. LOL. so challenge me. Give me a tough title and I'll try to make a list of it for you XP

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Friday, June 19, 2009 @ 11:08 PM
short post
I feel down for some reason, after viewing his pictures.

I am getting better tho. I mean not thinking about him 24/7 now.

Now if only I would stop clicking to view his pictures.

Okayyy.. I better not bore you guys with all my personal problems.

I watched Blogger Boy the other day and Wooo~!

the main cast are Qi, Julie Woon and Nas-T.
Click here for more info.

You guys would probably think i'm crazy but I think Nas-T is cute! hahaha... okok.. enough with the cute guys already.

The story line is not bad.. I like the way the story is plotted but I don't really like the acting...(?)
I mean when I watch 3 of the main cast together, the laughter sometimes sound fake and forceful. haha.. Dont kill me, just my thoughts.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009 @ 4:39 PM
Great Discovery!
Garfield the obeast orange cat.


I don't know about u guys but I used to think Jon (Garfield's owner) and Garfield always communicate.

Like how we talk, you know, communicate like that.

I used to think that Garfield would say something then Jon would reply..


oh no.. it's not like that.

I remember I was reading another comic that says something about Garfield.

I forgot which comic that was, but the guy in another comic (not Garfield) was asking how can Jon can always read Garfield's mind.

Then it struck me.

Jon and Garfield never really communicated at all.

If you hadn't noticed, Jim Davis (the artist) always drew Garfield's lines as thought bubbles rather then speach bubbles.
So.. what does it mean?
It means Garfield was always only Thinking his lines. Not saying them out.
And Jon would understand Garfield because of his body language, not that Jon can read the big fat cat's mind.

You guys can check all the Garflieds comic here if you don't really believe me or if you just have too much time to waste. Lol.


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Tuesday, June 16, 2009 @ 8:00 PM
A little rant here and there
I cleaned up my notes the other day.

I've got so much junk.
But the main reason why I was motivated to clean up my stuff is because of the thing called 'exam'.
or in my case, STPM.

argh. How many more days to go? I really don't wanna start counting down.

So anyway I manage to stack up all my bio notes. I think all the notes can weigh more then 3 kg.

Hoho. I shall have fun selling all my note to the old newspaper man after STPM.

I do realize that I'm putting more stress on Biology then other subjects. Hoping I'll let bio do the talking for me when I get my result, but sadly it doesn't work that way in STPM.
Cause to get a freaking place in university, we gotta submit in your mean score for all 4 subjects.

So in short, it doesn't matter if I'm freaking awesome in Bio, but if I so much as fail *booooooring* Chemistry, it's bye-bye uni and hello tough-life for me.

Why do you think they called STPM one of the toughest exams in the world? >.<
They personally make sure you suffer~ MUAHAHA..

Okok better stop ranting.
Oh I just did a few votes for Shout Out Awards on 8tv's site.
but some of the nominees are lame. I can't even pick.

btw, here's the link -->click.

But of course you have to register before you can vote.

I like the Coolest Radio Announcer nominees tho.

But HOW COULD they make me choose between JJ and Rudy??
It's like making you choose dark chocolate or white chocolate.
(Hey no reading between the lines okay. Just a metaphor.)

Ah.. time to bury my face in my note again.
I hope you guys are doing better then me :(
tata for now.


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Monday, June 15, 2009 @ 4:23 PM
Footie Fever

My sister is obsess with Kaka.

No, let me rephrase that.

My kid sister is obsess with Kaka.

Nah.. that's not it, it's more like,

My SEVEN year old sister is obsess with Kaka.

If you're wondering who da heck is Kaka.

This is Kaka.
wait, he's not in his element in this picture.

Ok, this one's better.

Yin (my cousin) must be going "WTF????!?!?!?!?!?"
But my reaction was more like "WTH??!?!?!!?!?"

Maybe because I'm not a football hater so I'm cooler with my sister's taste then Yin.
Uhh.. my 7 year old sister has a pretty good taste if you ask me.

I mean, Kaka is cute. Plus, I heard he's not a bad football player either.
Of course, I would hear all these stuff if I live under the same roof with two other male kaki-football.

If only you can see Rachel's reaction when she sees football on TV.

Okay, so I was exaggerating but it was something like that.

Her eyes would lit up. And she'd stare at the screen asking 'Is that Kaka?'

The funny thing is she may think she's in love with Kaka but she can't really recognize him.

Why do I know this?

It was during her 'Kaka-scrap-book' thing that I found out.
She was flipping through the news paper looking for Kaka's picture to cut and paste in her scarp book, when she asked me for help.

I was 'Okay. What do you need?'
I thought she needed glue or scissors or something like that.

But Rac went 'Which one is Kaka? I can't find him.'

Goodness Gracious. This girl is worser then me.
So for the next half an hour I had to help her point out which footballer is Kaka.

After completing her scrap book she was overjoyed. She kept showing off her book to my dad.

I'm sure my father was like,

'OMG. My Teenage daughter is in love with some actor in Prison Break and now you are in love with a footballer. Great. Just great.'

Ahh well, if boys can be boys I don't suppose why girls can't be girls *wink*

btw I'm not as crazy as my sista, I DO NOT have a scrap book full of Wenty's picture.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009 @ 10:41 AM

Went to the beach yesterday.

and let me tell you, Malacca's beach is going to extinct in like what, 2 more years?

Because our Malaccan governer thinks we don't have enough land and is working very hard now adding sand and stones to our pretty beaches--- to build houses and shop lots.

We had to drive so far just to find a nice beach. But the one we found is not very breath-taking-stunningly-beautiful, but will do.

Me name!

Me + Ma name

I made them jump so many times, Model no.2 (one on the right) was complaning that her legs hurt.
But at last I got this shot.
This is the one I like most.

(Model no.1 loves this picture. She says this they jump 'til so high (eleh~). But I think it's cuz I was squating down. HAHA)

Some random poses.
P/S: if you're wondering, there's nothing in the sky.

Doing the crab walk. (just because they were at the beach =.=") LOL


Sea shore... right?

Me likey this one.
Too bad my foot is out.
My 2 vain models laa... completely ignore my feet.

One of my favorite signs.

To Qing and Cynthia, thx 4 being my models XD
Love you guys~! *hugs* 

School's gonna reopen is 2 days time.

Oh joy.

Back to waking up at the ungodly hour of 6.30am every morning and stress stress stress.

Oh well that's life.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009 @ 6:29 PM
Ups and Downs

Was feeling not that good the day before yesterday. But yesterday I'm feeling better :)

Went Popular and dad bought Lat's cartoon collection that cost about RM120.
But he refuse to get me the Train Man novel (which is in English!) and costs 3 times lesser then what he bought!
Boo Hoo...
I wanna new novel T.T
ahaha no la, I'm not that manja.
I'm going to get this novel one day!

You know, yesterday I texted someone. That someone didn't really replied me so I was kinda sad. 
And mad. 
Then change to becoming sad.
Then felt angry at the person again.
On and off, until my fingers decided to delate his number.
I know, its such a childish act.
I admit. 

(Okay, real expression was way worser then this one.)

Then today I got a respond. 
Was happy.
No, not really. Just glad.
More like relieved.
Cause I was starting to get paranoid.
Thinking maybe he read my blog.
and maybe he somehow figured out I was talking about him.

What saddens me is how I still can't let him out of my mind.
I'll find a way. One day. Some how. I will

I'm rather hyped about today though. 

*Commercial Break*
Went Nandos. And since I can't share the food I might as well share the pics.. (?) haha

They sell capuchino, apparently.

My Lunch.

(We may proceed now)
So yeah you get my point.
I've been having some mood swings.

I seriously hate having to go through so much emotional ups and downs.
It's tiring you know.

But it's one thing I can't help.

I tend to over think things. And that's not very healthy.
I can ponder over little things over and over.
And sometimes I get paranoid.

It's like some kind of super-unawesome-power-i-wised-i-never-had.

Sometimes I feel like screaming at myself GET A GRIP LA.

Am I the only one facing this?
anyone out there who's also having this problem?


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