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Hello there, Stranger!
Welcome to my humble little blog.

The name's Tammie, but friends call me Tam (not 'thumb').

Who am I, you ask?
I'm not that smart top-scorer girl in your class.
I'm not that pretty lass you always see on the streets either.
I am passionate, stubborn and emotional.
My absolute most favorite thing to do is hanging out with people I care & love.
My passion burns for Jesus & photography.
I wish to travel more and see more.

This blog was created so I get to jot down my feelings.
Happenings in life.
That is, if I'm not too lazy to update ;)

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010 @ 1:41 PM
Cute and shy.awww...
The landlady came by the other day.

her 6 year old grandson tagged along.
He wanted to come so he can play with my lil sister, who is 7 years old.

My sister, however, wasn't in the mood to do anything except read her comic =.=

He does the best doe puppy dog eyes, and me couldn't help but play with him, since my evil sister won't.
I can't say no to that look on his face :(
pout-y lips, big doe eyes.

So we played 'cooking' with my sister's toys.
He's asking me to eat the plastic drumstick now.

I watched the little kid play.. He enjoys being a chef.
He enjoys it even more when I 'ate' his food.

While he was busy 'cooking'. I stole a few pictures of him.

But he was shy when he realized I was taking pictures of him.. He would doge my camera..

So I kept him busy by asking him questions about his school (kindergarten) and his friends, while he 'cook'.
See here, he's seriously answering my question on who his best friends are in school (kindergarten).

He quickly forgot I was taking his pictures when he answers my questions.
*evil grins*

But nearing the end, he got comfortable with the camera in his face.
He showed his expression freely :D
I made him laughed!

and I think pink cheeks are a waste on a boy's face. lol.
Seriously, I want that kind of blush. GIMME!!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010 @ 10:21 AM
The best Ice-cream ever...
..is found in a place no other then Bentong, Pahang.

and that's like 20 mins drive from my place!
Yea, God has blessed me :P
I'm pretty sure some of you have been there. The shop's name is Kedia Kopi Kow Po.

You probably have come across this shop when coming down from Genting or Cameron Highlands. It's only 30-40 mins drive from Genting.

Singaporean Actor Edmund Chen went there!
(yeah they spelled his name wrong, not Chew,it's Chen)

And local artist Ah Nui visited too :)

This magical shop is quite famous for their homemade ice-cream.

Now I shall proceed to torture you with an ice-cream picture XD
This is a scoop of chocolate and pandan flavoured ice-cream

After testing it, I understand why it's so famous.
The ice-cream they make is not too sweet.
Yet it doesn't lack the sweetness of ice-creams.
It's not overly creamy and does't have the strong taste of milk some people can't tolerate.

All in all, I can say everything's just right.

I absolutely LOVE the banana flavored ice-cream.
I recommend chocolate and banana flavour to everyone! xD

See, I only have 1 of ice-cream picture..wanna know why?
'Cause when I was ready to take pictures of 2 other ice-cream..the bowls are EMPTY.
Thanks, Ben and Kevin. Really.

The menus.
(Not that you can see anything.lol)

They sell RM2 per scoop.
They even sell tubs of ice-cream for customers to be brought back home.
Oh and even though I didn't get to try the ABC, I heard it's very good ;)

AND of course! I must remember to thank my sponsor,JC, for making this possible.

See how much he's enjoying the ice-cream..!
Not paying attention to the fat camera in front of him at all.

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Monday, January 25, 2010 @ 10:21 AM
Glitch! help! :(
I can't seem to upload ANY pictures at all.

Hence, I can't blog properly! T__T

I wonder if my pictures are too large? But I checked and not one of those pictures exceed 8MB..
and all of them are in JPG format.
I tried using Internet Explorer, then I tried using Google Chrome but none worked >_<

What I keep getting was the pop up window that just keeps showing
Your images are being uploaded to Blogger.'

And the window can keep loading for the next half an hour, until I get fed up and close it.

annoying arhh...I shall not swear. I shall not swear.
What's wrong?? I can upload pictures before! I think I'm the only one facing this prob.

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Friday, January 22, 2010 @ 11:49 AM
It shines at night
This may be the best thing that's going to happen to me since moving here..
..so I'm praying hard.

It shines at night, because of you!

Please Daddy?

*puppy dog eyes*

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010 @ 10:43 AM
So I was chatting with Chii today on msn.

She asked me "tammie, do u by any chance know what 'aluba' is?"

I just woke up and signed in msn at that time, so I was a bit confused.
I told her I don't know..but I'm curious to know what is it as well..
then Chii said she wonders how they 'aluba a birthday boy'..

Now that got me really curious.. I know people do lots of funny stuff to birthday boys.

SO.. I decided to google it.

At first, I wasn't totally sure if there was this word. I was half expecting no results at all..
but then,

there is such a word!
86,000 hits somemore.

I got an explanation from Urban Dictionary:

I can't help lol-ing at the Asian boys part.

How true!
I'm guessing AngMos dunno what's 'aluba' because the 'aluba-ing' a birthday boy tradition originates from Taiwan.

Actually, I've heard my cousin Yin (studying in MMU cyber), talk about one of her guy friends that got aluba-ed.
So I'm assuming all Malaysian Chinese males who are studying in unis and collages knows what's aluba.

Also, I can't help lol-ing at step 5.
I PITY whoever the birthday boy is!

Then I found another site, that gives a better explanation:
In aluba, a boy is lifted off the ground by a group of his peers. His legs are forcibly parted, and the crowd shouts "aluba" as they ram the struggling victim crotch-first into any nearby upright object, such as a lamp post, an open door or a coconut tree.

Accoring to that site, people have been aluba-ing birthday boys since 1940!!
I'm like: O.O
This is a true tradition!
I shall recommend this tradition to be carried out in my family, especially to my brother and cousins xD

After finally knowing what 'aluba' is I told Chii.

But after all is said and done, aluba is kinda violent and brutal
I mean, someone could get seriously injured in the process. Be it the victim or the person holding the victim (cuz maybe the victim is struggling to hard, hit the guy or whatever).

All I know that in aluba, girls are safe. lol. Only boys becomes victim.

So guys, next time someone's birthday is around the conner, just be a little careful when playing aluba.
You really don't want to call the ambulance.

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Monday, January 18, 2010 @ 2:24 PM
See-through public toilet!

Actually this public toilet is only see-through from the inside..
so you don't have to worry about using the toilet. You can see people from inside..but people outside can't see you! Incredible isn't it? I likey the idea..very creative! XD

The toilet was created by artist Monica Bonvicini. This toilet was also exhibited at the Messeplatz in Basel, Switzerland in 2004. Before that year, it was exhibited in London.
the toilet is made for a artwork called 'Don't Miss a Sec'.

In an interview, Monica Bonvicini said: "The idea for 'Don’t Miss a Sec.’ came in 1999. I made the drawings for it on an airplane. It relates to the urge, during big art events where so much is about “see and be seen,” to not miss anything. At any big art event, everyone needs a bathroom at some point. If you use the work for it, you are still able to see the next art work, who is passing by, who is talking with whom, and who is wearing what. At the same time, you can literally show your ass to them."
XD smart eh..

But of course, I'd feel VERY VERY weird if I were inside this toilet. I will feel very awkward and paranoid.

I'll be like 'Are you sure they can't see me??'
'That guy looks like he is staring at me!'
'Why is that guy looking at my toilet direction??'

'NOOOO! GET ME OUTTA HERE!' <--paranoid

But in all seriousness, nobody can see you. You can do your business in peace inside XD
cuz it looks like this at the outside:

but like this in the inside:

Now, tell me, would you give this awesome toilet a try?

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Saturday, January 16, 2010 @ 10:33 AM
I'm over my emo period.
Thanks for being there guys, you know who you are :)
I'm embracing the fact that I'm going to live Pahang.
What do they call people that lives/comes from Pahang anyway? Pahang-kian? Pahang-an? Pahang-rian? wth =.=

So anyway, it's time I introduce you guys to my new home.

Fasten your seat belts ;)

The view from outside my bedroom.

My friendly new neighbor that lives on my bedroom window - Mr. Spidy :)

Thick mist in the morning, view from the balcony.

I always see the mist like a blanket covering the mountains.

The swimming pool.
Lesson I learnt, never go swimming more then 3 times a week, if not your hair will fall out because of over exposure to chlorine =.=


Sorry, can't help it.
Gotta have 2 sunset pics. Cuz it's pwetty XD

And finally here's the picture of the reception of the apartment I'm staying.
See the Korean flag?
The flag was put up because this place I'm staying- Selesa HillHomes, rent their apartments to Koreans.
But sadly, only old Korean couples come here to stay.
They come to play golf and sip tea and learn bits of BM.
One of my likes is to walk near them and listen to them speak Korean. It's cute and fun to listen to :P

Random shots of flowers.
Roxy taught me this XP

There's a tiny playground near my place and I took my sister and her friend there while I snap their pictures.
2 cuties peaking at me :D

10 dirty little toes :)


2 little monkeys playing the monkey bar


So yeah that's basically how my life is in Bukit Tinggi. Getting better each day :)

It's boring here, but thank God I've a camera to entertain me :)

til next time

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Saturday, January 2, 2010 @ 2:28 PM
I'm still alive..
..not that it is important.

It's been almost a week here and I've been very much entertained by our new apartment IT'S HAUNTED.

Just yesterday my very egoistic brother manage to lock himself up in the bathroom. (Okay, the door lock was broken but, seriously, its funny.)
He was stuck in the bathroom for about 20 minutes before he decided to knock down the door. When that didn't work, he decided to climb out the very small window. When he succeeded at that I wanted to take a video or picture of it but it was too late, he was a free man boy.

That explains my lack of picture in this blog. Sorry.

So this morning at 6.30 am I was rudely awaken by a loud 'BANG' and I felt the whole apartment shaking. Hearing a commotion outside I ran out to find my mum being held my grandpa and dad on each side.

From their conversation I found out that the kitchen stove must have been leaking gas..so when mum when and tried to light it up.. it just blew up.
Thank God she wasn't blast off. She just suffered burnt marks.

Mum kept saying thank God it wasn't me or my brother at the kitchen that moment..but seriously, at the rate my social life is going down the drain..sometimes I'd rather wish that it was.

Ok cancel that..I'm crapping.

I've been doing pretty well since we moved.
Only cried twice and only wish to be back in Melaka 123,456,948,457,837,401 times.
I seriously considered running away 3 times and jokingly considered it 10 times.
I know I've got to stop whining and start moving on with life..but...it's so hard..when everywhere I go I only see trees :(

..and the only hot living creatures I see are male monkeys. Can you believe how sad my life is now?

But all that aside, I'm still alive..and kicking.. :)

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