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Sunday, October 23, 2011 @ 11:39 PM
The simplest church Service
...can teach you the most valuable lesson. ya know?

Most of the time we, no, I want happening music for Praise & Worship session. I want a hilarious person to preach the sermon. But honestly, how impactful are those to me?

Today, with just 6 people, we gather in His name. We sang and then this Aunty, a friend of my mother, started sharing her personal testimony.

She is a petite and thin lady. She dresses in a demure way. Her hair is chopped in bob style and strains of whites are showing. Fingers on her left hand are curled in, in a way that is not obvious, but if you do pay attention, your eyes will always linger on them a second longer then they should.
I have a feeling her appearance does not justify her age. Wrinkles. Overly tanned skin. Perhaps its the hard years she had to endure working during her youth, or perhaps she just looks older then she really is, either way, she does look like a woman who is worn out physically. However, despite all that, she wears a smile that is warm and genuine. You can see that there is real joy and peace that radiates out of her.

She shared lots of things. About her old woman, how her mother fell and cut herself. How hard it was for her and how tired this unfortunate event made her. At first I was listening to her, nodding my head at all the correct moments and just wondering where all this is going...

Then, Aunty started talking about serving in church. Somehow, that caught my attention. She is the committee of the church. One of the few who was there to support the church from Day 1.

During church service yesterday, she was asked to care for the pastor's children, all 3 of them. Since the children's mother and grandma were in the choir and the pastor himself is preaching, she (as the Sunday School teacher) was the only one available to care for the children. The kids fell asleep in her arms during the service. Then it was time for photography session. For the committees to take a photo to be printed in the church's magazine.

It was during this time that her battle begin. With a child sleeping soundlessly in her arms, Aunty could not afford to go up to take the photo with the group. Yet, in her heart, she wanted so very much to do so. She said her heart felt sour watching all the committee went up for the group photo. I could relate to her at that moment. I know that feeling so well.

When she was relating this part to us, I can feel her pain.
You see, all her life, she has dedicated her time to serve God in that church. That church was home to her. She gave her effort to see it grow. The photo session was like a token of acknowledgement from the church in return. Yet she could not enjoy it.

By the time she finished this testimony, her eyes were slightly pink and her voice was shaky. I wanted to tear too.

Then, she turned to me and rox. For the first time since she started talking, she was looking directly at us. She told us she shared this today because of us, youngsters. She wanted to encourage us that no matter how hard is it to serve God, even if it seems like all is in vain, even if it seems like you're not going to gain any acknowledgement from anyone, NEVER give up. Never be discourage. Because God will reward is in the end. In His time.

This was the best 'sermon' I've had in a long time. Thank you, Aunty.

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