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Hello there, Stranger!
Welcome to my humble little blog.

The name's Tammie, but friends call me Tam (not 'thumb').

Who am I, you ask?
I'm not that smart top-scorer girl in your class.
I'm not that pretty lass you always see on the streets either.
I am passionate, stubborn and emotional.
My absolute most favorite thing to do is hanging out with people I care & love.
My passion burns for Jesus & photography.
I wish to travel more and see more.

This blog was created so I get to jot down my feelings.
Happenings in life.
That is, if I'm not too lazy to update ;)

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Sunday, May 31, 2009 @ 3:21 PM
Jocelyn Lum
Jocelyn's (aka Cai Hong) birthday was yesterday.. but I didn't have time to blog so I will blog about it now.

I can't believe that I only know Jocelyn for only a year.
The first tim I saw her, i immediately thought:

'uhh.. This girl is definitely not a Chinese. Wow her eyes are HUGE.'

And I later found out I was half right, Jocelyn is 1/4 Thai, but the rest Chinese.

At first we didn't talk much, (because Jocelyn's eyes intimidate me.. hahaha kidding la!) then we started smiling, however Jocelyn's smile are very short and brief.
It's like if u blink once she smiled at you, you might miss seeing her smile.

We slowly talked. I realized she's as crazy as me when it comes to talking about cute, hot Caucasian guys.
She loves Caucasian guys with blond curly hair and green eyes or Latino guys.
I love Caucasian guys with straight/wavy(maybe slightly curly) brown and blue+green eyes (hint: WENTWORHT MILLER)

We can talk all day about guys and that seem to be our topic whenever there's no teacher in the class.. *blush* lol

I find Jocelyn highly entertaining. Because this girl can talk. She can talk about anything and everything. And her laughter is infectious.

Jocelyn is also very sociable, regardless of race. She has a best friend and a boyfriend who are both Malay. She mix with just about everyone. She's always calling people 'sayang' XD
She's cute.
And we all love her.
I'm so glad I know you, Jocelyn! (oh yeah, and she was one of the few who got me into blogging)
Friends for as long as we can remember each other's name! (or maybe even longer, ya?)

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Thursday, May 28, 2009 @ 7:11 PM
Stop saying Wentworth is gay :)

Okay okay.. so I was searching for more information on Wentworth Miller.

So what??

haha.. I searched him on Urban Dictionary this time and this was the definition given:

Wentworth Miller
A hot, thirty-something actor that plays Michael on Prison Break. He's also been in a bunch of Mariah Carey comeback videos, done some modeling, and was in the Human Stain playing a younger Anthony Hopkins. 
He's half white and half black and he's got the same name as his dad. He studied English at Princeton meaning he's probably the smartest hot guy you'll ever meet.
Girl 1: Did you see Prison Break last night?! 
Girl 2: Yea, Wenty looked so cute in his prison uniform! 
Girl 1: Sigh.. I wish Wentworth Miller would date me but he's like in his freaking thirties and people are starting to think he's gay. 
Girl 2: GAY?! 
Girl 1: Cuz he doesn't have a girlfriend, duh!

Let me say 'right on, sister!', and 'yes!' to the hot parts.
BUT let me clarify that Wenty, IS NOT, let me calmly repeat (before I tembak those who claim he is)

 N.O.T gay/homosexual/queer or whatever that is you call people who are not interested in the opposite sex.
Wenty is straight and down right heterosexual.
I have no idea why people want to be so mean and start gossiping that he is gay.
Oh wait... I probably do know why.
Because these people are down right mean!
They (most probably males) felt that Wentworth is just to gorges and they are jealous. Sad little people.
They see him as a treat and wish to eliminate him as soon as possible like they were on some reality game show. 
Their target is to make women all over the world have their heart broken so that they would stop obsessing over Wenty.

What they should do, if you ask me, is just stop spreading rumors and embrace the fact that Wenty IS hotter then anyone on the face of this planet. LOL.
The truth hurts darling, but it's still the truth :)

I mean just about EVERY hot Hollywood actors gets rumored that they were gay. At least once.
It doesn't matter that Wentworth has refute that he is not gay or that he's interested in women.

Like someone mentioned before, never mind that 

Ian Mckellen
 the old guy who plays Gandof in Lord of The Rings
is OPENLY gay... or that 
Sir Elton John
is also openly gay
No one EVER tried gossiping that they were Heterosexual.
In fact, no one is ever much interested about their queer lifestyle. They just let Elton and Ian live quietly in peace :)

Why? because they are not hot like Wentworth. So on one bothers.
So please, stop being a meanie and leave my Wenty alone :)
Thank you~
Back to my life, I was bored yesterday night so I drew this:
'Life without you is like a rainbow without colour'
The sun before twilight
Dad's pot plant which kept on growing until he had to shift it to the backyard garden.
Love the holes.
A 'holey' plant.
Get it? HAHA.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009 @ 8:46 PM
Facebook games
Checked my facebook today and boy do I have a lotta requests.

Nooo... not friend requests.

Farm Town requests.

If you don't have a facebook account then skip this. I'm just going to rent.

It was like:
Farm town gift request (click to accept)
Farm town gift request (click to accept)
Farm town gift request (click to accept)
Farm town gift request (click to accept)

and it can go on and on..............................

Gerrrrr.. This is getting on my nerves.
Stop flooding my mailbox with lebih mails please? :) thankyou~
(YIN!!! I cant believe you actually play this dumb game, and you even sent me gifts??? like, what the heck, yin,wth??)

If it's not Farm Town, it's Restaurant City.
Ughh... I am so tired of disapproving all the requests.
Can I just hire someone to do the job for me?

Who wanna be by 'Rejector'?
Monthly pay: 100,000,000,000 Rupiah
(I dunno how much it is in Ringgit, but I don't think I'm going to find out anyway. lol.)

Speaking of Facebook games, it's been a gazillion years since I last fed or bath or played with my pet in Pet Society. 

I think Riceball is dead already.
I remembered once when I was just absolutely CRAZY MAD about Pet Society (PS).
But after the server crashed on me ka-gazillion of times, I gave up trying to save Riceball and just let her fend for herself. LOL.

My Darling Riceball started out as a guy actually, by the name of Dino. Ha ha.. but then I decided that the dresses were much more nicer then pants and T-shirts(BORING)
and now she's a pretty girl! *muwah*

OKOK, I'm in a crappy mood today. Maybe 'cause I'm tired but whatever.

Some Random Pictures I took to distract you guys from my rant :)
Cactus or is it cacti?
Ferns growing in our garden :)

Shoot! camera ran out of battery.
Guess that's all the pictures I can show off now XP
Next time.


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Tuesday, May 26, 2009 @ 3:22 PM
My first Pictures XD

I had so much funnnn yesterday taking pix :D :D

I did a some research on basic photography and learnt some new stuff.
Hard and soft light.

Hard light
Eg: My kukumalu piggy bank is being subjected to hard light.
Kukumalu: I see The Light! Is my time in Tammie's room done?

Soft Light
Eg: My Kukumalu piggy bank is subjected to some soft light.
Kukumalu: The Light is gone?? But I was prepared to go~!

Here are some random pix I took before I read up on basic photography:

Birdy was sitting on my neighbor's papaya tree

Birdy is hungry.

Neighbor's wet kitchen. I adore the tiny plants sitting on top the wall.

Mum's banana plant. This image appears blurry because there's a glass in between me and the banana tree.

Moo-Moo on my lamp. 'Hi~ Moo-Moo!!'  <--*random*

Love this pix among all. You can see 2 different things in this image.
1. My Kukumalu on my table in my room
2. My neighbor's kitchens.
This pix was taken from the reflection of my room's window.

Back to what interesting things I did today..

hmm.. well, I got few of my mid term results today.. and..


I remembered something so funny I found on Urban Dictionary days ago.
I was sitting, facing the laptop and trying to suppress my laughter (which I was not doing a very good job at) while I read the definition people wrote on Zac Effron, you can click here to read it.
Or I'll just past it here.
Zac Effron :
I'm sorry, the dude wears makeup. A teenage supposed 'sex symbol' for yet-to-admit-they-are lesbians to fancy without feeling guilty. the closest thing to a girl. Also strangely resembles a chipmunk. 
Seemingly undecided on his sexuality
Girl 1: Lyk omg u sin hsm2? i lyk, hope theres a third wun, zac efron is so freakin hotttt! 
Normal person: Clearly there is something wrong with you. so you like guys who wear makeup huh? Well, whatever floats your boat.

Here's another definition for Zac :
Apparently, an actor who resembles Lindsey Lohan. 

I use the word actor cautiously; i'm still convinced "he" is Lindsey Lohan.
girl: wow zac efron is so hot! 
me: hmm but how did they conceal the d cups?

Literally, Rolling. On. The. Floor. Laughing.

If my mum wasn't looking at me one kind, I would have rolled on the floor laughing my butt off.
Seriously, how do these people get such good sense of humor??

I gotta admit Zac's a pretty boy, so pretty that they decided to call him a girl.
Or Lindsay Lohan to be exact.

I'm shaking with silenced laughter as I write this.
I don't think I can continue with Zac's beloved Vanessa now. Maybe next time.

Oh wells, it still doesn't stop me from watching 17 again.
Am gonna try downloading that movie.
I'll see if his acting is better then his looks or the other way around.. but after watching HMS last year, I probably can guess.

YIPPIE!! (again)

Holidays are coming.. uh huh.. so you know what does this mean?

YES! Going out, playing guitar, taking more pixs!!
Already made plans with friends to go everywhere.

I KNOW my life is not as fun as yours but who's living it? haha.

I'm counting down already...3 more days to go~ YaY!!

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Sunday, May 24, 2009 @ 5:11 PM
Sometimes I just hate you guys so much.

But people would say I'm a useless child if I do show it out.
I dunno what else to do.
I feel so sad.

You guys always give me a tough time when I want to do something new.
It's always a 'no' from your mouths.
I've never felt any real and genuine support from you.
Only you guys can reduce me to tears like I am now.
Why do you keep saying that I can't??
Why can't you just stop judging me based on my past??
Can't your daughter grow up without your constant unsupportiveness??
Can't you show a little sympathy?
It's hard. And it hurts.
Worst of all, I hate myself for hating you guys.
It's not right.
I'm not suppose to hate you.
But the feeling is strong. I can't help myself.
I know I am an unthankful,dreadful person for having these feelings.
I'm sorry.

Sure, if you read this, you may have lots of things to point out.
To list out all the things I have, all the things you have allowed me to have.
To correct me, yet again.
Of course you are always right.
and that I am wrong.
I hope one day I'll really be able to see that.
And hopefully, forgiveness won't be too late.

But THIS IS what I'm feeling.
Why can't you understand?
It always hurts so much.
I don't feel like talking.
I don't feel like looking at you.
Forgive me. But I just don't feel like it.
I'm afraid that if i do, I might end up saying something I might regret saying later.

I only want to talk to my other Daddy.
I hope you'll understand one day.

But for now, only Big Daddy will understand, not you, or you.

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@ 1:22 PM

I am so freaking happy, I made myself unable to sleep last night.

Now, I look like I am related more to a Panda then a human.

Tammie: Hi! I'm Tammie, your new cousin!

Panda: Don't do anything to me please!! Take my food, just please don't be related to me.

Tammie: FINE!! be selfish! See if I care!! humph.

Okay anyway, I was super duper happy 'cause I can finally get my hands on a camera I wanted to own so much.
I wanna thank Roxy, my real cousin and Ah Ku (her daddy) so much for letting me use their camera.

I'm not talking about any normal digital camera.

I'm talking about this:

Fujifilm s700. Isn't she a beauty?

I can't say anything yet. I haven't even touched the cam
But I can tell you, I'm sooooo lookin' forward to get my hands on and start clicking away..

I have no idea what drives me to such sudden love for photography. 

I'm weird, I know. 
It's the same with guitar.
One minute I am sitting down doing nothing in particular, and the next thing I know I am holding a guitar, and Kevin is blasting my head of how dumb I am.

It's just so sudden.
The crazy urge to learn something is driving me mad.

This urge is going to make me insane someday. Take my lack of sleep last night for example.

I have wanted to have a camera since, I forgotten when.

I even told +? about it yesterday.

And I've been praying and asking God to help me get one.. A camera like that is not cheap ok..

It costs at least RM1000.
I'd have to sell both my eyeballs to get that kind of money.

but God answered my prayers! Yippie~!

Now I don't have to sell my eyeballs :D :D


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Saturday, May 23, 2009 @ 6:01 PM
Top 10 Things I Don't Understand About Winnie The Pooh
I have never ever ever ever understand Winnie The Pooh.

and I have a feeling I don't ever will.

It's fine with me but I do have many friends & cousins who are Winnie Fans (WF), that's what they like to call themselves.

They even started a club(what else do you think it's called?) - The Winnie The Pooh Fan Club. Where their main activities are:
1. Watch every single Winnie the Pooh rerun (the way people watch Friends)
2. Collect Winnie The Pooh collectable items
3. Fight over these items
4. Sing the Winnie the Pooh theme song over and over in 50 different languages

and at last

5. Discuss Winnie the Pooh to no end.

Ok, fine!
I was just kidding, there's no such club, but you (if you are a WF) do wish there was one, don't you??


Anyway the top 10 things I do not (and never will) understand about Winnie and his gang, starting from the smallest to the biggest:

10. It is a Disney production. Why the heck is it with Disney?? Anything that comes out of Disney is not suitable for kids. (Refer here if you want to know why)

9. The characters in Winnie the Pooh.  I do not understand the characters. What's a
Depressed Donkey

Grumpy Rabbit

Scardy Pig

and of course an Overweight Bear

doing in Hundred Acer Woods?

8. Why are most people who are crazy about Winnie the Pooh are not children but teenage girls?? What is it about that bear? And I don't think it's the cuteness as they always claim it is. Is Winnie hot in some mysterious way? If so, I really can't see it. boo hoo.

7. Why is Winnie the Pooh a male? and if you are saying he's not dude, then why is his voice so husky in the cartoon? It certainly is not sexy.

6. Come to think of it... what gender is Winnie anyway? He sure sounds like a guy but he has a girl name - Winnie. What's with that?? Why do they want to confuse the public? I'm so confused.

5. But it seems like I'm not the only one confused, I was googling 'rabbit winnie the pooh' when I saw a person ask if rabbit is a girl or a guy.

4. Then we have Eeyore who wears a BIG PINK ribbon but is actually a guy.

Very nice. 
Now we have little boys all around the world asking their mums why they can't wear a pink ribbon like Eeyore.

3. Why is Winnie the pooh wearing a big red shirt...... and no pants??
My mum says Spongebob is not a good cartoon. She says Spongebob tell kids it's okay to be gay and to exposed your underwear. But she did not suspect anything about Winnie the Pooh. She even let my sister watch Winnie the Pooh. But isn't Winnie worser?? He doesn't even wear underwear!! WHY??
and they ban Donald Duck in Finland for the same reason.
But no one bans Winnie the Pooh. WHY??

2. Back to the shirt. Why wear red? Why even bother to wear a shirt when you don't want to wear any pants? or skirt (since we are not sure what gender it is)??

And the no.1 thing I do not understand about Winnie The Pooh?

1. What does Pooh mean? Why do they choose to put Winnie The Pooh??

Pooh sounds like poo which means 'An act of defecating' or 'shit' in other words.
How weird.


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Monday, May 18, 2009 @ 7:17 PM
Extraordinary Humans


Check out this awesome site.

That is if you love reading up on bizarre/extraordinary/weird/totally amazing people.

I personally love this site. Um maybe because I love reading up on these unique humans.

There's everything you need to know from Julia Pastrana- the bearded woman ,Len and Ernie- the boy with 2 bodies but 1 head to Robert Melvin- the man with two faces.

Basically their deformities are caused by their DNAs. (another reason why I love Biology)

These people are really interesting to read about. Their lives, their biography, their struggles and achievements and the way they treat others around them. Their stories inspire us to not only love the life we are living now, but also to live a better live.

Note that ALL of the people and their stories featured at thehumanmarvel.com are as real you. There are records of these humans who once lived on this planet. It's like a Ripley's gallery in there, only better 'cause there's no entrance fee and travel fare! :D

But there's also a section on the site that debunks some false tales such as the famous Feejee Mermaid

These cases are classified under 'Fakes'.

One reason why I love this site is because their article on each different extraordinary humans are in perfect detail and is way more detail then Wikipedia.

Do please check this site out.
I can't believe the many different humans and their extraordinary talents/gifts/appearance there once were. Enjoy~! :)


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@ 6:55 PM
Porridge & Curry Pau anyone?
Rachel had fever since yesterday.
She's worrying my parents sick. With all the H1N1 virus around.

So I stayed home with her today, partly to look after her and to finish studying PA.

I made porridge for the first time in like, 18 years.

The result?

It looks more like Fried Rice then porridge =.=

This is Rachel's lunch. The poor girl refuse to eat.
I wonder why. LOL.

Considering my porridge is way toooooo dry..
 It sticks to the spoon. (Woah, like some super power.)

Hey, but this was the first time I cooked porridge! It's okay for the first time right? I mean without parental guidance. I did it all on my own okay.. it's a lucky thing our house & kitchen is still intact.

Well, its been 6 hours now and Rachel (my Guinea pig) is still very much alive and kicking.

So next time, I'm gonna cook porridge for EVERYONEhahahaha~

Back to yesterday, I had some really really really nice Curry Pao *yummy*
here are the pixs:

OPPS..! wrong picture. HAHA! (Ok I did that on purpose. So sue me XD)

Now, this is the Curry Pau.
Bignice and round.
(I dunno what you are thinking, but I am still talking about the pau. LOL.)

The pau is about the size of a human brain. Even larger, just dumber.
Perfect example? Kevin's head. LOL.
(I'm kidding!!! stop pinching me like a girl!)
P/S: Kevin is my brother, yeah that one that teaches me guitar and scolds me stupid. (In case you are wondering how retarded cute he looks like, he's the middle one in the 1st picture.)
Hello KEVIN! IT'S PAYBACK TIME!! *evil laughs* 

Back to the pau. this is how it looks when it's cut open. There's aluminum foil inside that contains rich creamy hot curry~~ I'm not gonna show you how it looks like inside, to see that you've gotta buy one and see it for yourself! Ha! (I know I'm evil)

So we can get this Curry Pau in Lukut, Port Dickson, and is actually made by one of my family's former neighbor(we move around a lot). You don't get discounts now if you mention my dad's name. Its been years since we went back there.


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Saturday, May 16, 2009 @ 11:38 AM
The Name Game
Remember I told you guys about the guy who talked to me, that totally made an impression on me? (Refresh your memory here :))

Yeah.. so I was in the car today thinking about him. I am glad I'm going to be seeing him tomorrow.

So there I was being happy and thinking 'Yay! I get to see him again after 2 weeks of not being able to..'

Then it suddenly struck me.


*Yikes* how can I be so forgetful???

He told me his name when we shook hands!

He said something like 'Hi, *^*^* (<-- his name)'
and I nodded, smile and said 'Hi, Tammie.' and he took out his hands and we shook.

Think, Tammie, think.. what did he say his name was???

I remember when his name is also one of my friend's name.. 'cause when he uttered his name, my mind immediately flashes my friend's face. I also remembered that it's an english name.

Ways to recall his name:

1. Write a List of all the guy friends you have, Tammie. Starting from A.
Aaron..? no
Aeson..? nope
Alvin..? nah
Ben..? can't be his name
Benjern..? too weird to be his name
Derrick..? out
Davin..? no
Jeremy..? nopp
Joel..? uh..no..
John..? his name is not so common
Joseph..? I'm sure that's not the face I saw..
Kelvin..? no no no..

OMG.. this cannot go on.. I simply CANNOT keep track of all the guy names I know. This is stupid.

Plan B

2. Unleash the detective in me.
Okay so here's the plan. The next time I see him (which is tomorrow), pay attention, pay very close attention to what his friends call him. They had better not call him 'Bro' or 'Dude'. I'm so gonna whack the person who calls him that.

If all else fails, grab his handphone while he's away and text his friend this:
'Hey, *****(<--whatever he saves friend's name on the phone), what's my name again? I woke up today and totally forgotten my name..'


I could just peep at his IC and get his name.

Okay.. This plan sounds too desperate. I might not use it.
so NEXT~!

3. My last resort. Unleash the Blonde within.
Yeah I'm talking about flirting.
I DO NOT simply use method. But there's no other way.

What I should do is simple:

Grab a lock of hair and twirl it with my finger, then coyly ask 'Hey.. Vincent right? or is it Josh? I haven't seen you in two weeks.. how have you been? You look good'
Then add a little wink or something.

To which, I hope he'd be too distracted to note that I've forgotten his name and goes 'Yeah.. Vincent.. I do?Thanks! oh.. wait no, my name's Jacob not Vincent..'

ARGH. I hate doing this. Forget it.

I'm totally dead. I'm sure he still remembers my name. How on earth can I forget his??
Whatever, I'm going to face him tomorrow and hopefully I remember his name then.
Til' then bye guys. Wish me luck. Tata.


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Thursday, May 14, 2009 @ 4:56 PM
The Disney Princesses
I've always been a hopeless romantic.

and I'll give credit for breeding me into one.

I mean who can blame little girls all over the world wishing to have a fairy tale happy ending in their lives, when the cartoons they watched at a daily dosage (with, mind you, the approval of their parents/gradients/kindergarden teachers) sends subliminal messages to their tiny brains saying that every girl should have a fairy tale love life??

I mean, they even created a princess of almost every kind to get the message across.
Lets see, there's 
Snow White
I am happy no celebrity has given their daughter this name yet. ( Given that celebrities have been famous for bestowing names like 'Apple', 'Sunday Rose', 'Blue Angle' etc.. to their daughters.)

How traumatizing would that be? The child would probably grow up wanting only to wear dresses that are blue, red and yellow in color, freaks out when she sees an apple and have this tendency to clean the houses of little mens.

But I guess there is one positive thing they can learn from Snow White here, that is : Never accept food from old, weird, crazy strangers ( who happens to be your jealous stepmother) AND love the forest animals (because you never know when you need their help).

Sleeping Beauty aka Princess Aurora
Another Disney Princess who has an sinister , jealous stepmother.

I'm starting to wonder how Disney gets all the good publicity since their main client is the mothers. And what's with all the witch crafts?? It's a children cartoon program for cryin' out loud.

Princess Aurora fell into a deep sleep after pricking her finger on a spinning needle that was cast on a spell. And amazingly, the whole kingdom, who did not even touched the needle feel asleep along with her. How logic is that. Ha ha.


Ahh.. the Princess who fell for a commoner. I basically don't have much to comment about her except, does she even eat at all? Because her waist is abnormally, inhumanly small.
And we all wonder why little girls age between 8-11, in some countries, are not happy with their bodies. Um well, come to think of it... all Disney's princess have abnormally small waist.


Of all the Disney's Princess, I find Cinderella hardest to like. I dunno why, even when I was a little girl watching the famous fairy tale movie, I just don't really like Cindy.

Maybe it's because she's too fake? I mean which girl, after repeatedly being abuse year after year, can still sing happily while doing truck loads of dishes and never-ending floor scrubbing?? Okay maybe the original story wasn't that bad, but Disney sure made Cindy look like a never-angry-no-matter-what stepdaughter.

The Little Mermaid aka Ariel

Nothing much about her except she's got Jasmine's taste when it comes to dressing. Also I wonder how her skin doesn't get wrinkly like all of us after being in the water too long. Or how her big doe eyes doesn't seem to hurt at all from all the exposure to salt water.

Maybe we should get some beauty tips form her.

Mu Lan

Now this chick can rock. She's my personal favorite among all the 'save-me- the-evil-witch-is-going-to-murder-me-because-I'm-too-pretty' princess. That is if I'm ask to pick a favorite. 

Which girl is willing to cut off her long locks, give up her feminine ways to behave like a man and join the army just for their father?? Not me.

She's not the 'I shall wait for my princess charming to come and save me' princess, she's more like 'The heck with them men, if there's no one to help me, I shall help myself.' She unlike other princess, does not meet her princess charming until after she decided to solve her problems by herself. Dose she rock or what? :D

Mu Lan definitely has a mind of her own. That's why I think she's the best role princess (if there's such a thing) for little girls all over the world.

Basically, I don't have anything against Disney. It's just the way they portray the princesse that annoys me. Of course I can't include all the princesses, just the ones that I want to point out.

Oh.. don't get me started on High School Musical and Camp Rock.


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