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Thursday, May 14, 2009 @ 4:56 PM
The Disney Princesses
I've always been a hopeless romantic.

and I'll give credit for breeding me into one.

I mean who can blame little girls all over the world wishing to have a fairy tale happy ending in their lives, when the cartoons they watched at a daily dosage (with, mind you, the approval of their parents/gradients/kindergarden teachers) sends subliminal messages to their tiny brains saying that every girl should have a fairy tale love life??

I mean, they even created a princess of almost every kind to get the message across.
Lets see, there's 
Snow White
I am happy no celebrity has given their daughter this name yet. ( Given that celebrities have been famous for bestowing names like 'Apple', 'Sunday Rose', 'Blue Angle' etc.. to their daughters.)

How traumatizing would that be? The child would probably grow up wanting only to wear dresses that are blue, red and yellow in color, freaks out when she sees an apple and have this tendency to clean the houses of little mens.

But I guess there is one positive thing they can learn from Snow White here, that is : Never accept food from old, weird, crazy strangers ( who happens to be your jealous stepmother) AND love the forest animals (because you never know when you need their help).

Sleeping Beauty aka Princess Aurora
Another Disney Princess who has an sinister , jealous stepmother.

I'm starting to wonder how Disney gets all the good publicity since their main client is the mothers. And what's with all the witch crafts?? It's a children cartoon program for cryin' out loud.

Princess Aurora fell into a deep sleep after pricking her finger on a spinning needle that was cast on a spell. And amazingly, the whole kingdom, who did not even touched the needle feel asleep along with her. How logic is that. Ha ha.


Ahh.. the Princess who fell for a commoner. I basically don't have much to comment about her except, does she even eat at all? Because her waist is abnormally, inhumanly small.
And we all wonder why little girls age between 8-11, in some countries, are not happy with their bodies. Um well, come to think of it... all Disney's princess have abnormally small waist.


Of all the Disney's Princess, I find Cinderella hardest to like. I dunno why, even when I was a little girl watching the famous fairy tale movie, I just don't really like Cindy.

Maybe it's because she's too fake? I mean which girl, after repeatedly being abuse year after year, can still sing happily while doing truck loads of dishes and never-ending floor scrubbing?? Okay maybe the original story wasn't that bad, but Disney sure made Cindy look like a never-angry-no-matter-what stepdaughter.

The Little Mermaid aka Ariel

Nothing much about her except she's got Jasmine's taste when it comes to dressing. Also I wonder how her skin doesn't get wrinkly like all of us after being in the water too long. Or how her big doe eyes doesn't seem to hurt at all from all the exposure to salt water.

Maybe we should get some beauty tips form her.

Mu Lan

Now this chick can rock. She's my personal favorite among all the 'save-me- the-evil-witch-is-going-to-murder-me-because-I'm-too-pretty' princess. That is if I'm ask to pick a favorite. 

Which girl is willing to cut off her long locks, give up her feminine ways to behave like a man and join the army just for their father?? Not me.

She's not the 'I shall wait for my princess charming to come and save me' princess, she's more like 'The heck with them men, if there's no one to help me, I shall help myself.' She unlike other princess, does not meet her princess charming until after she decided to solve her problems by herself. Dose she rock or what? :D

Mu Lan definitely has a mind of her own. That's why I think she's the best role princess (if there's such a thing) for little girls all over the world.

Basically, I don't have anything against Disney. It's just the way they portray the princesse that annoys me. Of course I can't include all the princesses, just the ones that I want to point out.

Oh.. don't get me started on High School Musical and Camp Rock.


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