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I wish to travel more and see more.

This blog was created so I get to jot down my feelings.
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Monday, May 4, 2009 @ 3:31 PM
Daddy's story
My dad and I hardly ever talk about boys.

But I remembered he told me this story when I was a little girl :

There was once this beautiful beach, complete with sandy shore, crystal clear seawater and breath-taking sun sets.

And like all amazing beaches, it has many many unique seashells. Seashells of all shapes, sizes and colors are there. Every single one of them so different and beautiful in their own special way.

One day, a man came to the beach. He was looking for shells to take home. He wanted one as everyone he knows had one as well. The man started to walk on the beach, ready to get his hands on the nicest sea shell he saw. Suddenly, something white caught his eyes, so he bent down to pick whatever it is up. He dust of some sand and saw that it was a pretty little seashell.
Being completely contented, the man happily put the shell in his pocket and went back home. Thinking how lucky he had been to have found such a cute little shell.

The next day, a woman came to the beach. She too wanted to take some shells home. She started to stroll in the beach. She bent down to pick up the first shell she saw but she didn't stop there. She kept on walking and picking, walking and picking, but she was careful to pick only the shells that caught her eyes...

Until at last she reached the end of the beach. by then, her pockets were full of shells. But she didn't mind.
She went to the edge of the sea and gently washed and clean all the wonderful shells that she picked.

Then, she sat down on the soft sand and begun examining each shell ever more carefully and in perfect detail. She spotted some shells had holes in them, others are a little broken. She put those shells aside, the pile of shells collected in the beginning got smaller and smaller.. But every shell she picked up to examined doesn't satisfy her. She was getting a little sad with each shell she had to put away. At last, there was only one shell left.

It wasn't big or shinny or exquisite like the rest. But upon scrutiny, she realized could not find a single flaw from the shell. All of a sudden, she came to love this one in a million shell.
She held the shell close to her heart and left.

I was too young then to fully understand what this story means, but Dad explained a little.

He said, men generally pick the girl they see appealing to be their partners, not giving much thought to it.

But women, on the other hand are different. They select, flitter and eliminate some more until at last, they found the one perfect to them.

I'm guessing he told me this to advice me to be picky about who I am going to choose as my other half when I grow up. I'm glad he did :)

The best is always at the end. How would you know the person you are with now is the best?
Of course I'm not trying to offend, but don't limit your self to one guy/girl and certainly never settle for 2nd best :)

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