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Monday, April 27, 2009 @ 4:16 PM
Get a life... please?
I opened the news paper today and guess what was on the entertainment page?

'Fan frenzy at Hannah Montana premiere as Miley Cyrus flashes her legs in a VERY short dress'

I LOL'd at the title. I mean, seriously, are we that short of things to publish?
Sure, it's the entertainment section, but what's with reporting about what she wore?

And the picture of her is going to do wonders in cutting down teenage anorexia cases in our country. Not to mention improve self-esteem of teen girls across the country.

With all due respect to all the Miley fans out there, I'm not attacking your idol. I'm just sick of all the unnecessary reports on celebrities on the media.
Seriously, I am not interested in what dress she wore and which part of her she wanted to show off. So why is it on the news? I've glanced through the article and there wasn't anything basically, except reporting the she steeped out of her limo and gave autographs,oh that's reallyinteresting.
Somebody save me.

Sometimes I just wished we could learn that celebrities are too, Homo sapiens. Like us. Just a little enhanced, by make up,designer labels and stylists.

Why can't we ever leave them alone?
We criticizes young celebrities for their bad behaviors, but are continuously seeking news about them.
I mean, Hello?We are encouraging them to want our attention.
Or am I the only one who realized this?
and we wonder what on earth made Britney Spears shaved her head and walked barefoot. 

I don't need to know how many times a week Jessica Alba goes to the gym.
Or how much Paris Hilton spent in 2 hours of shopping.
Or what Kate Moss wore to a lunch date with friends.

Get a life. 
We all need one. 
One that doesn't include barging in other's, celebrities especially.

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