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Monday, July 13, 2009 @ 11:00 AM
Fun little brainteasers
I did a left hander research few days ago since I was blogging about it.

I ended up finding these pictures:
Picture no 1.
Let's see if you can see what this picture is
So tell me, what did you see?
*answer at the bottom*

Picture no 2.
What do you see in this picture?
If you can see a white triangle - the one with its apex pointing up - it's because your left-handed brain (right brain) has created that triangle to unify what is otherwise simply a collection of angles and PacMan shapes.
Lefties are able to see the white triangle the first thing when they see this picture.
Right handers may also see this triangle, but it'll take awhile for them to see it.

The answer to the first picture is of a dog drinking from a stream, with its head in the middle of the picture facing down to the water and its tail off to the right.
Of course, the image is only  hodgepodge of disconnected shapes.
But put together, a lefty is able to connect all these shapes and form a picture.
Right handers can't make out much of this picture. 

That's because our brain works differently.

A right hander's brain will break down a problem and solve it step by step.
A left hander' brain on the other hand, will solve a problem by whole.
Meaning, they see a problem and solve it as a big picture. No steps by steps.

That also explains why right handers can't see the 1st picture.
They try to break down the image one by one but can't connect it together.
Lefties have a holistic kind of thinking, so they can make out a little of that picture.

When I first saw the 1st picture, I was blured as well but I can make out a dog and some trees the the top left corner. It turns out I was only correct about the dog part. Can't see no stream tho.
As for the 2nd picture, the imaginary white triangle just stands out once I see it. It's far more dominate then the black-lined triangle below, for me. The white triangle is like sticking out whenever I see this picture.

I also want to make a correction. I gave the wrong information in this post.
Apparently, lefties aren't good at maths. Because of that holistic thinking thing again.
I'm not blaming my disabled maths brain on this but still...... haha.. it's pretty obvious that left handers suck in maths. Me and my brother are living proofs.

Pictures and explanations taken from www.lefthandersday.com.

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