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Thursday, July 9, 2009 @ 5:40 PM
Lefties aren't dummies

I caught my mum trying to convert my sister to a right hander yesterday.

That's discrimination, I tell you.

I was utterly offended. 
(I know I've got excess emotions until I even care if my mum is making my sis write with her right hand.)

Hoi. Left handers are left handers. You can't make them change hands.
Do you know that left or right handedness is controlled by genes?
I used to think it was because of environmental factors that makes a person want to use left or right hand to write.

My parents said I used my left hand the first time I grab a pencil.

Many people would go "Oh your daughter is a left hander?" though it sounds like they were saying "Oh your daughter just came out of prison?"
In the same tone.
The same you-know-what-I-mean voice behind that question.
Heck, it's not even like a question, it's more of an accusation.
I may be a small girl then, but I can still sense meanness when I hear it.

What the heck is wrong with being a left hander??
The more these people look down on lefties, the more I'm proud of being one.

We are unique.
According to Wikipedia, lefties only make up of 7-10% of the world's population
We are survivors.
They used to persecute left handers in the olden days. They used to FORCE lefties change their writing hands to right hand. I have a aunt who was forced to use her right hand.

Basically, the whole world is against us. Humans, right handed humans invent right-handed guns, cameras, scissors, knife and chairs for everyone.
But conveniently forgetting the 7-10% of people who are lefties.
We struggle to adapt to these.
See this?

Yeah, this is my worst enemy.
You can bet the person who invented this was an ignorant right-hander.
*Thanks for making my life in school a really tough time, I thoroughly enjoyed leaving my left hand to dangle in mid air whenever I have to write*

Lefties are know for their creativity in arts and music. Some even say maths but I suck in maths.
In case you didn't notice, his guitar is costume made to fit a left hander.
Cuz LeeHom's one of those amazing lefties XP

Of course, I am grateful that discrimination towards lefties are a lot lesser now compared to centuries ago. But still.......... why la all the right-handed inventions??

If you guys are going to invent something, please be considerate.
Sorry about the rant. I feel much better now :) 

P/S: I text messages faster with my left hand. I feel so cacated using my right hand to text.


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