Hello Hurricane
you can't
silence my love
Speak up or die
Tammie says Smile!

Hello there, Stranger!
Welcome to my humble little blog.

The name's Tammie, but friends call me Tam (not 'thumb').

Who am I, you ask?
I'm not that smart top-scorer girl in your class.
I'm not that pretty lass you always see on the streets either.
I am passionate, stubborn and emotional.
My absolute most favorite thing to do is hanging out with people I care & love.
My passion burns for Jesus & photography.
I wish to travel more and see more.

This blog was created so I get to jot down my feelings.
Happenings in life.
That is, if I'm not too lazy to update ;)

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Sunday, June 28, 2009 @ 4:50 PM
Food, Food and more food.

Yupp. It's Canteen Day.
I got 10 tones darker and 5 times sexier. (<-- I wish)
*someone please tell me dark skin is sexier before I burst into puddle of tears*

The day that we go mad. I mean crazy mad.

Or at least I went mad.
I was basically behind our Taekwondo stall, waving and 'hello-ing' everyone that passed by -trying to get them to buy something.
(I admit I scared a few of them away. Especially the little kiddies in form 1 & 2. LOL.)

Our Pengerusi.
We always joke about his Crayon Sin Chan's eyebrow. Wakaka..

The 1st customer of the day.
Mr. Tang Poh Tong.
Girls, he's still single *wink*

Watch out for this pizza hut cardboard. It's going to be featured in a few more pictures XD
This is LeePing, shying away from my camera.
AND... NO, I'm not being paid to advertise for Pizza Hut. (although you can always always click on THIS link, anytime, don't feel shy) XP

Alvin. So hyped up about the watermelon. A watermelon.
Like seriously, Alvin.
Put the poor watermelon down.

The rojak we made. Yeah, it doesn't look very appetizing.
We didn't manage to sell much of this.

The tao ki that fell down on the floor.
*Died upon impact.
Was slowly devour by a colony of black ants few hours later.
Poor, Poor tao ki.
Your crunchiness will always be missed*

Love this picture the most.

WHY is everyone avoiding the camera?!?

The molested watermelon.

Jocelyn & mua. 

Okay I'm running out of pictures to show off.
So that's about it.
Will update soon.


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