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Friday, June 26, 2009 @ 7:14 PM
Buh-Bye Mr. Jackson~
Can you believe it??

Dad told me that Michael Jackson passed away first thing after I got in the car after school.

It took me 1 second to ask "Huh??" but my dad never joke about people dying so I'm sure he was sure.
But it took me like, 5 minutes to register in my mind that he really is dead.

The man who sang 'it doesn't matter if you're black or white' but was never really comfortable in his own skin...

The man who made moon walking famous...

The man who achieved so much in the music scene...

The man who won the hearts of millions with his beautiful voice, and probably has more fans then the whole population of Malaysia...

The man who's considered a legend...

is now no more.

My brain can't fully digest all that.
I took my time.
Then I was like 'OM*toot-ing*G! He really is dead.'
(I always have this crazy assumption that celebs just don't die. I mean not until I do. lol. crazy, no?)

Light Fm was playing his songs as a tribute to the King Of Pop.

I was never a a huge fan of his. But nevertheless, I do have the urge to get up and dance to his songs. His songs are very good.

I respect Michael.
Even when news broke out that he was broke.
Even when he was sued.
Even when they claimed he did unmoral things to children.

I never really blamed him. Truth be told, he's been through a lot.
His childhood wasn't as blissful as we thought it was.
Yes, more then Lindsey Lohan and her in-and-out of rehab or breakup-with-Samantha drama.

Doesn't matter if you love him, hate him or don't give a damn about him, it is a fact that this man has left a significant mark on the music industry and probably in the lives of millions.
Rest in peace, Michael.
You deserve a rest after so long.

P/s: My bro is very skeptical about this. He thinks its some kind of conspiracy behind.
His theory? Jacko faked his death because he wants to live a new life. Yeah right, Kev. Yeah right.


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