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Monday, June 15, 2009 @ 4:23 PM
Footie Fever

My sister is obsess with Kaka.

No, let me rephrase that.

My kid sister is obsess with Kaka.

Nah.. that's not it, it's more like,

My SEVEN year old sister is obsess with Kaka.

If you're wondering who da heck is Kaka.

This is Kaka.
wait, he's not in his element in this picture.

Ok, this one's better.

Yin (my cousin) must be going "WTF????!?!?!?!?!?"
But my reaction was more like "WTH??!?!?!!?!?"

Maybe because I'm not a football hater so I'm cooler with my sister's taste then Yin.
Uhh.. my 7 year old sister has a pretty good taste if you ask me.

I mean, Kaka is cute. Plus, I heard he's not a bad football player either.
Of course, I would hear all these stuff if I live under the same roof with two other male kaki-football.

If only you can see Rachel's reaction when she sees football on TV.

Okay, so I was exaggerating but it was something like that.

Her eyes would lit up. And she'd stare at the screen asking 'Is that Kaka?'

The funny thing is she may think she's in love with Kaka but she can't really recognize him.

Why do I know this?

It was during her 'Kaka-scrap-book' thing that I found out.
She was flipping through the news paper looking for Kaka's picture to cut and paste in her scarp book, when she asked me for help.

I was 'Okay. What do you need?'
I thought she needed glue or scissors or something like that.

But Rac went 'Which one is Kaka? I can't find him.'

Goodness Gracious. This girl is worser then me.
So for the next half an hour I had to help her point out which footballer is Kaka.

After completing her scrap book she was overjoyed. She kept showing off her book to my dad.

I'm sure my father was like,

'OMG. My Teenage daughter is in love with some actor in Prison Break and now you are in love with a footballer. Great. Just great.'

Ahh well, if boys can be boys I don't suppose why girls can't be girls *wink*

btw I'm not as crazy as my sista, I DO NOT have a scrap book full of Wenty's picture.

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