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Sunday, June 21, 2009 @ 8:07 PM
Just because we are different...

Racism is everywhere. Not just in Malaysia.

But Malaysia is more prone to this disease because we are beautifully multicultural.

Now, I'm not accusing EVERY Malaysians for being a racist. I've known many wonderful Malaysians who are friendly and loving to others regardless of the color of the skin.

Basically, racism is not really bad in our country. The only place we can find racism now is in the school and outside school compounds. Secondary schools especially.

My ex school used to have gang fights every now and then.

It's pretty common to find gangs outside of my then school.

Gangs are always after each other. Especially gangs of different races.

A tiny, accident bump on the shoulders when between 2 different races

is enough to start a fight.

These gangs sometimes would fight real bad.

Other times they would just make a scene, shout and stuff like that, then after a while they would all disperse.

I remembered I used to get quite frighten when these fights start.

I would usually witness all these cuz I'll be at the bus stop waiting for Dad.

Of couse, there's no such thing happening in the working world.

But I don't think those were involved in these racial gangster fights would have good memories or impressions about other races.

How nice would our country be if we could stop labeling others by looking at their skin and the language they speak.

Wouldn't it be nice if all the bawang merahs can accept poor little bawang putih as friend?

It's not about our outlook appearance, if its red or white, it's about what's inside, we are all bawangs.

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