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Saturday, June 20, 2009 @ 3:27 PM
Top 7 Good Looking/Hot Bald Guys In The World.

Betcha never thought that bald guys can be hot too, eh?
There's something about bald men that is different from the rest.

And I mean Shinny Head, bald. Not the really really short hair, bald.

Men usually pride themselves with thick luscious hair. But it's too bad their hormones wouldn't let them.
Male baldness occurs more then female baldness.
However there are men who shave bald straight away.

Because they decided to bald gracefully. LOL.

So, I came up with a list of them.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did when I blog about this :)

Mahatma Ghandi
He's totally adorable!
In the bald-old-man kinda way.
That's why he's on no. 7.

Bruce Willis
Ex husband of Demi Moore and father of Rummer Willis.
He's bald.
But I kinda suspect his baldness has something to do with his age. Not his wanting to be different. lol.

Michael Jordan
Mr. Jordan is cute. kinda.
oh well who cares how un-cute he is.
He's so famous he don't need no wig.
and that confidence is rocking. 

Christ Daughtry
Mr. Almost-Made-It-To-Becoming-American-Idol.
He rocket to fame when he joined American Idol.
But was eliminated during the 'top 4', and it socked all his fans including the judges.
Post Idol, his most famous rock song 'It's Not Over' won hearts of millions.
We seldom have bald rockers.
One of the reason why he's on the list.

Vin Diesel
I used to get him mixed up with Bruce Willis.
haha. My bad.

Watch this guy in The Pacifier, The Fast and the Furious + The Chronicles of Riddick and you'll understand why he's on this list.

The ever cute guy in my heart.
Just look at his smile. Charming XD
Anyway I didn't do a background search on him but I'm guessing he went bald for the character of Lex Luthor in the TV episode of Smallvill.
That is a very brave move, if you ask me.
here's another picture of him:
Not as cute as his bald version.
This goes to prove that bald is hot.
For some guys at least :)

You guys must be wondering who's got no.1?


Sit up straight

and pay attention

because the No 1. BEST LOOKING bald man


*drum rolls*


you guys must think this is stupid.
But seriously.
My dad will always be the best looking guy to me.
Even though he's going bald.
or like he's already got quite a shiny head
*as clearly seen in the picture*

In the beginning he was quite freaked out about balding
it was such a touchy and sensitive issue for him,
but slowly, he's accepting that fact.
He's my full-time driver,
part-time sejarah teacher,
part-time cook,
great Father.


P/s: I think I can come up with a list of almost anything. LOL. so challenge me. Give me a tough title and I'll try to make a list of it for you XP

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