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Friday, July 3, 2009 @ 8:17 PM
First H1N1 case in Malacca..?
People all over the world is worried sick about this relative new pandemic.

The H1N1 flu.

and as if that's not intimidating enough...

I just learnt that I'm living in the same taman as the girl who just came back from UK for a swimming competition.

She is also the same person who was warded to the Malacca GH for suspicion of being a victim of the infamous H1N1 flu.

I'm actually pretty calm when I hear that we have a suspected case of H1N1 in Malacca.
I didn't even scream. Well, secretly I was hoping to be the first one to catch H1N1. Imagine the 3 minutes of fame I'll get *_* Okay~! I kidding!!!

I'm so overjoyed. This means that I may somehow get this flu and perhaps skip STPM..?WOOH~! Bring it on!

I am not as worried as my classmates who immediately cover their mouths with their ties and backed 5 meters away from me, like I'm some sick person capable of spreading my infectious disease, upon hearing I live in the same taman as the girl. (Haha okay I was exaggerating. But you can see fear in some of their eyes.)

I certainly don't have that panicky feeling towards this sickness... yet.

Our Health Minister is urging us to take precautions and not take H1N1 lightly.
On top of that, H1N1 is already rate 6 on World Health Organization scale.

But here I am, actually having the nerves to even fantasies about being the 1st person in Malacca to get H1N1.

What kind of sick person am I?

P/s: The girl who was warded is now well and declared free of the virus. So there goes my dream of skipping STPM. LOL.

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