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Hello there, Stranger!
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The name's Tammie, but friends call me Tam (not 'thumb').

Who am I, you ask?
I'm not that smart top-scorer girl in your class.
I'm not that pretty lass you always see on the streets either.
I am passionate, stubborn and emotional.
My absolute most favorite thing to do is hanging out with people I care & love.
My passion burns for Jesus & photography.
I wish to travel more and see more.

This blog was created so I get to jot down my feelings.
Happenings in life.
That is, if I'm not too lazy to update ;)

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Monday, June 29, 2009 @ 11:30 AM
What's wrong with my name?
Some people have the weirdest/funniest/odd/interesting names ever.

Like there's this doctor called Harry Bush. Don't believe me? Click HERE to his link.

and there's names like Tad Pole, Bea Sting, Terry Aki and you get what I mean..
(I get all these bizarre names from www.funnynames.com. )

I'm not trying to make fun of these names, but if parents want their children to be taken seriously, you'd think they'll bestow better names for their little darlings then Barbie Dahl or Zach O'Balls.

I mean, if you know clearly well that your last name is the uncommon Gay, you'd be wiser then register your child's name as Ben or Ima.

Parents, names like Honey Bunny Hare may sound sooooo adorable when your tiny cutie baby is born but think about the horror your child is going to face when she goes to an interview.
Interviewer: "So it says here that your name is um...*cough* Honey Bunny Hare?"

Honey Bunny Hare: "Yes, Sir."

Interviewer: "What do people call you?"

Honey Bunny Hare: "Some call me Honey, others call me Bunny. Some mean ones call me Hairy Hare... *sniff*"

*Akward scilence*

So parents, the next time you want to name a child. Be thoughtful. Be considerate.

I personally don't have a funny name. But some people do pronounce my name differently.
They would call me 'TUMMY' or the best one ever 'DAMMIT'.
My tuition teacher. He's the one who called me 'dammit'. I'm very sure he said 'tammie' though. But the way he pronounces it its like he ate up the 't' sound and added the 'it' sound to my name. Lucky thing no one else notice his pronunciation. Or I'd be the girl known as Dammit.

But if you think you have it bad with your name your parents so conveniently left you with, let me introduce you to this guy:

His name?
George Garratt.
Oh that's so boring, you'd say.
Well, that was his old name.
His new name is even better.
Way more powerful and defiantly a mouthful.
Because his new name is now

are you ready for it?

Yes. You read right.
It's Captain Fantastic Faster Then Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine The Hulk and the Flash Combined.

"WOAH! Holy S*** I want that name too!!" <--Guy's reaction.

"OMG!"<-- a much more normal Girl's reaction.

Captain Fantastic Faster Then Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine The Hulk and the Flash Combined said he changed his name "for a bit of a laugh".
And guess what? His grandmother is no longer speaking to him.
I don't blame her, that poor woman probably can't call her grandson in a single breath now.

Click here for the whole article on Captain Fantastic Faster Then Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine The Hulk and the Flash Combined.

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