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Tuesday, June 2, 2009 @ 12:16 PM
"Female species are the culprit"
That's what our Bio teacher said.

We were studying the topic Mutation & Genetics.
Because disorders such as Color blindness & Hemophilia are transmitted from the mother, but the women themselves do not show symptoms of the diseases.
Just their male offspring.
It's a long explanation as to why is it so.. so just accept this information. HAHA.

Mainly there's 4 types of gene mutation:
1. Substitution
2. Addition
3. Delation
4. Inversion

Each of these ways of mutation will cause mutation or syndromes such as:
(the most common and known) Down's Syndrome
- No need further explanation. Google if you still dunno what da heck is this syndrome.

Klinefelter Syndrome
- A person who suffers from this syndrome is a male but has an extra X, female chromosome, thus sufferers will show signs of enlarged breast, female features, slightly lower IQ, low sperm production.

Turner Syndrome
- A female who lacks the X chromosome. They are generally short, have webbed neck, slight mental retardation (slightly low IQ), infertile.

Cir Du Chat Syndrome
- A person with this syndrome will produce sound like a cat's cry. They have altered facial features. Mostly present in children age younger then 2. The cry goes away after age 2 and above. They also have slightly lower IQ.

So, the next time someone says to you: "I really hope some of your DNA gets delated soon"


"Boy, how I wish your DNA will go through a series of substitution"


"Wow, the inversion of your DNA really worked!!"

SMACK the person hard.

Then say: "I can undo your DNA and unscramble 'em, fry 'em, sun-dry 'em THEN stuff 'em back in your tiny body. Let's see how you turn out then. Be thankful if you even have 10 fingers again after that."

That ought to shut them up.

**Oh wait.. phone's ringing.




Lebih. Some weird person asked "Ini tempat apa, ah?"

HELLO?? You called me when I don't even know you and asked me where is this place that you're calling??

You've got some nerves, lady.

And you hung up on me!

.. some people don't need gene mutation to act like a weirdo.**

Sorry, back to topic.
So, genes are wonderful fascinating subject to study.
Here's a peek at my Bio notes:

Mr Ong has such witty sense of humor. James Bone, really.

And Tom Kurus?? hahaha..

*Sir asked us,
'So is it possible for Tom Kurus to be the Father?'
When we answered 'Noooo..'
Sir said, 
'Then it's Tom Gemuk not Tom Kurus.'*


Water Droplets.. Cute ain't it? :D

ARGH... I just realized that it's already the 2nd day of holidays
and I haven't done anything yet.



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