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Thursday, May 28, 2009 @ 7:11 PM
Stop saying Wentworth is gay :)

Okay okay.. so I was searching for more information on Wentworth Miller.

So what??

haha.. I searched him on Urban Dictionary this time and this was the definition given:

Wentworth Miller
A hot, thirty-something actor that plays Michael on Prison Break. He's also been in a bunch of Mariah Carey comeback videos, done some modeling, and was in the Human Stain playing a younger Anthony Hopkins. 
He's half white and half black and he's got the same name as his dad. He studied English at Princeton meaning he's probably the smartest hot guy you'll ever meet.
Girl 1: Did you see Prison Break last night?! 
Girl 2: Yea, Wenty looked so cute in his prison uniform! 
Girl 1: Sigh.. I wish Wentworth Miller would date me but he's like in his freaking thirties and people are starting to think he's gay. 
Girl 2: GAY?! 
Girl 1: Cuz he doesn't have a girlfriend, duh!

Let me say 'right on, sister!', and 'yes!' to the hot parts.
BUT let me clarify that Wenty, IS NOT, let me calmly repeat (before I tembak those who claim he is)

 N.O.T gay/homosexual/queer or whatever that is you call people who are not interested in the opposite sex.
Wenty is straight and down right heterosexual.
I have no idea why people want to be so mean and start gossiping that he is gay.
Oh wait... I probably do know why.
Because these people are down right mean!
They (most probably males) felt that Wentworth is just to gorges and they are jealous. Sad little people.
They see him as a treat and wish to eliminate him as soon as possible like they were on some reality game show. 
Their target is to make women all over the world have their heart broken so that they would stop obsessing over Wenty.

What they should do, if you ask me, is just stop spreading rumors and embrace the fact that Wenty IS hotter then anyone on the face of this planet. LOL.
The truth hurts darling, but it's still the truth :)

I mean just about EVERY hot Hollywood actors gets rumored that they were gay. At least once.
It doesn't matter that Wentworth has refute that he is not gay or that he's interested in women.

Like someone mentioned before, never mind that 

Ian Mckellen
 the old guy who plays Gandof in Lord of The Rings
is OPENLY gay... or that 
Sir Elton John
is also openly gay
No one EVER tried gossiping that they were Heterosexual.
In fact, no one is ever much interested about their queer lifestyle. They just let Elton and Ian live quietly in peace :)

Why? because they are not hot like Wentworth. So on one bothers.
So please, stop being a meanie and leave my Wenty alone :)
Thank you~
Back to my life, I was bored yesterday night so I drew this:
'Life without you is like a rainbow without colour'
The sun before twilight
Dad's pot plant which kept on growing until he had to shift it to the backyard garden.
Love the holes.
A 'holey' plant.
Get it? HAHA.

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