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Saturday, May 23, 2009 @ 6:01 PM
Top 10 Things I Don't Understand About Winnie The Pooh
I have never ever ever ever understand Winnie The Pooh.

and I have a feeling I don't ever will.

It's fine with me but I do have many friends & cousins who are Winnie Fans (WF), that's what they like to call themselves.

They even started a club(what else do you think it's called?) - The Winnie The Pooh Fan Club. Where their main activities are:
1. Watch every single Winnie the Pooh rerun (the way people watch Friends)
2. Collect Winnie The Pooh collectable items
3. Fight over these items
4. Sing the Winnie the Pooh theme song over and over in 50 different languages

and at last

5. Discuss Winnie the Pooh to no end.

Ok, fine!
I was just kidding, there's no such club, but you (if you are a WF) do wish there was one, don't you??


Anyway the top 10 things I do not (and never will) understand about Winnie and his gang, starting from the smallest to the biggest:

10. It is a Disney production. Why the heck is it with Disney?? Anything that comes out of Disney is not suitable for kids. (Refer here if you want to know why)

9. The characters in Winnie the Pooh.  I do not understand the characters. What's a
Depressed Donkey

Grumpy Rabbit

Scardy Pig

and of course an Overweight Bear

doing in Hundred Acer Woods?

8. Why are most people who are crazy about Winnie the Pooh are not children but teenage girls?? What is it about that bear? And I don't think it's the cuteness as they always claim it is. Is Winnie hot in some mysterious way? If so, I really can't see it. boo hoo.

7. Why is Winnie the Pooh a male? and if you are saying he's not dude, then why is his voice so husky in the cartoon? It certainly is not sexy.

6. Come to think of it... what gender is Winnie anyway? He sure sounds like a guy but he has a girl name - Winnie. What's with that?? Why do they want to confuse the public? I'm so confused.

5. But it seems like I'm not the only one confused, I was googling 'rabbit winnie the pooh' when I saw a person ask if rabbit is a girl or a guy.

4. Then we have Eeyore who wears a BIG PINK ribbon but is actually a guy.

Very nice. 
Now we have little boys all around the world asking their mums why they can't wear a pink ribbon like Eeyore.

3. Why is Winnie the pooh wearing a big red shirt...... and no pants??
My mum says Spongebob is not a good cartoon. She says Spongebob tell kids it's okay to be gay and to exposed your underwear. But she did not suspect anything about Winnie the Pooh. She even let my sister watch Winnie the Pooh. But isn't Winnie worser?? He doesn't even wear underwear!! WHY??
and they ban Donald Duck in Finland for the same reason.
But no one bans Winnie the Pooh. WHY??

2. Back to the shirt. Why wear red? Why even bother to wear a shirt when you don't want to wear any pants? or skirt (since we are not sure what gender it is)??

And the no.1 thing I do not understand about Winnie The Pooh?

1. What does Pooh mean? Why do they choose to put Winnie The Pooh??

Pooh sounds like poo which means 'An act of defecating' or 'shit' in other words.
How weird.


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