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Sunday, January 16, 2011 @ 4:31 PM
Albinism- a blessing
So most everyone knows what Albinism is. People with albinism are called albinos. If you still don't know what albinism is click THIS.

Animals with albinism looks mysterious and majestic, in a way.

Humans with albinism looks stunning. To me at least.

I used to know a boy who was an albino during my childhood. His skin was the color of cream and his hair was yellowish white. I used to be in awe whenever I pass by the boy. I envy his perfectly white skin.

I remember mum telling me that was a person suffering from albinism. I was surprised she used to word 'suffer' because to me, it's like a blessing- to have such milky white skin. Mum continued to tell me that people who have albinism could not stay under the sun. They will easily get sun burn and fall sick. Whenever they go out, they need to be covered in lotion or clothing to protect their skin.

My heart fell when I heard those words. I enjoy playing outdoors. I enjoy the freedom of running in broad daylight. I pity and envy them at the same time.

Still I am captivated by albinos. They are rare. And they are beautiful. I did some searching on the net and I came across a few albinos who became models. Yes, fashion models.

Connie Chiu

Connie is of Chinese heritage.
Born in Hong Kong.
But because of her albinism her whole family moved to Sweden- where I suspect, not just the sun is kinder to her condition but also the people. Since it is not uncommon to see fair skinned people with platinum blonde hair there, unlike Hong Kong.
She was the world's first albino model.

Diandra Forrest

Diandra is an African American.
She struggled a lot being born as a white in a community of black people. 
Read about her full story HERE. It's really worth reading. I assure you.
But after all she struggled through, she manage to become a fashion model.
And I think she's a really pretty one too.

Shaun Ross

Shaun is also of African American heritage.
He lives in Paris now and is still a fashion model.

Stephen Thompson

Haha. I think Stephen is one hot albino model =]
Can't find much about him though.
All I know is, he's a Caucasian and a albino and a model.

I think its time to start seeing albinos in a different view. They're not weirdos. They're not freaks. They're humans. They suffer from some health complications related to albinism too. So it's not all fun and games being albino. They have their share of pain.

But from the way I see it, albinism is a from of blessing in disguise.

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