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Thursday, December 16, 2010 @ 2:09 PM
Is that...a RIVER in a SEA?
It's been forever since I last blog about something amazing.

I found this on yew's tumblr reblog and it was mind-blowing.

Have you ever heard of a river inside a sea?
It's scientifically impossible for a river to be in a sea.. But a group of scuba divers in Mexico photographed pictures of something that looks like a river underwater.

Underwater photographer Anatoly Beloshchin took these photographs

This is a place called Cenote Angelita, Mexico.
It's a famous diving spot for advance divers.

At first when I saw the photos I was like, are you sure this is underwater??
The scuba diver in the photo confirms it is.

You can see tree branches, dead leaves and soil.
This place looks like a world of its own, defying science and  logic.

It would be wonderful to tell you that it really is a river you see in the photos but alas, that layer of 'river water' you see at the bottom of each photos are not actually river water.. It is in fact, Hydrogen Sulfide gas.

You know that smell when someone farts? Yeah, that's one of the wonders of hydrogen sulfide.
Hydrogen sulfide only accumulate in places where:
1. there is little oxygen
2. ventilation is low

Thus, we get the accumulation of H2S in Cenote Angelita, which looks like a river. Still amazing, non? :)

Anyhow, matters not if you are disappointed that it is not an actually river, view this video of the scuba divers swimming in Cennote Angelita where the 'river' is. The place is beautifully mysterious :')

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