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I wish to travel more and see more.

This blog was created so I get to jot down my feelings.
Happenings in life.
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010 @ 9:42 PM
Day #11 Your siblings
I'm sure I talked a lot about my siblings in my blog.. like the 12 year difference between my little sister and me, and my annoying brother.

So, I shall blog about their personality this time.

My brother, Kevin and I are 4 years apart. He used to be seriously cute when he was a baby. Chubby cheeks, cute face, dimpled smile.
Kevin when he was 10 years old and my then 5 year old baby sister.

But adolescent is a monster to Kevin. Ever since he hit 13, he's become emo boy. Not just emo, he's a freakin poser too.

Emo boys wears make up.
Especially if it's mascara.
Mum is so going to pinch him if she sees this photo.

Poser is the one kicking.
but I must say, his mid-air kicks are good.

He's a mafia too.
he looks ugly in this photo, but that's the point XD

Actually, my brother is a pretty good lookin' guy.
left hand side in this photo.
Oh shut up, I'm just going to say it this once, Kevin's good looking.
he looks like Justin Bieber here. HAHA.

My brother plays guitar.
My dad's influence.

Kevin also plays football, he's always following football matches which he will discuss with dad. But he's currently more into basketball now.
His taste in music is terrible. It goes from pop to punk rock to sentimental to rock to hard rock to kind of heavy metal rock. I CAN BASICALLY DIE LISTENING TO THE MUSIC HE LISTENS TO. There.

He does read more. So technically he's smarter then me. He knows about stuff like the Freemasons, famous communism leaders and much more.

The one thing I hate about my brother is that he's so freaking EMO. Whenever he's in his emo mood, he wouldn't answer me. All he does is sulk, like a girl. =.=
But I'm still glad I have him as my brother. Even though he's emo.

Next, my little sister. Rachel.
kissy kiss =X 

Bunny ears! XD

She says and does the cutest things. But one thing about my sister is that she loves watching tv and reading books. Cartoons especially.
Whenever she's reading or watching tv, NOTHING CAN DISTRACT HER. I MEAN NOTHING.

You can call her for a million times, but her eyes will still be glued to the book or the television set.
It's so annoying I tell you! >__<

BUT I still love my baby sister. Maybe a little more then my bro, but he's the emo one who asked for it =.=

All in all, I love you guys! No matter how annoying, irritating, disturbing you guys are, both of you are my little bro and sis and I will always be your big Jie Jie..
so SUCK IT UP and live with it XD

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