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Tuesday, February 9, 2010 @ 11:33 AM
Left4Dead Hokkien version
My baby 500D has a new better sibling.

Canon 550D is out.
I knew I'd come to dread this day.

The day when Canon welcomes a new family member. A much better, more advance family member.
I mean, I've read forums where owners of 450D and 400D say they kinda regretted not waiting until 500D comes out and get 500D instead.
Now it's my turn.lol.

But I shall not regret. I won't ;)

Anyway, enough of this crap. I think only I understand what I'm typing..haha xD
I found these seriously hilarious Hokkien voice over videos on Youtube.

This one is Left4Dead Hokkien version:

The video is quite noisy and contains some vulgar words.
But I can't stop laughing when I hear the black guy speaking Hokkien~
Actually, Alex intro this to me xD

Star Wars Hokkien Version:

Listen carefully, I laughed til I cried. I just find it so funny. The way Darth Vader said "I am your father" in Hokkien.

I'm guessing Singaporeans made these videos.
There's one for

For those who don't understand Hokkien- Sorry! ><
I'll find some other vids for you guys ;)

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