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Wednesday, January 20, 2010 @ 10:43 AM
So I was chatting with Chii today on msn.

She asked me "tammie, do u by any chance know what 'aluba' is?"

I just woke up and signed in msn at that time, so I was a bit confused.
I told her I don't know..but I'm curious to know what is it as well..
then Chii said she wonders how they 'aluba a birthday boy'..

Now that got me really curious.. I know people do lots of funny stuff to birthday boys.

SO.. I decided to google it.

At first, I wasn't totally sure if there was this word. I was half expecting no results at all..
but then,

there is such a word!
86,000 hits somemore.

I got an explanation from Urban Dictionary:

I can't help lol-ing at the Asian boys part.

How true!
I'm guessing AngMos dunno what's 'aluba' because the 'aluba-ing' a birthday boy tradition originates from Taiwan.

Actually, I've heard my cousin Yin (studying in MMU cyber), talk about one of her guy friends that got aluba-ed.
So I'm assuming all Malaysian Chinese males who are studying in unis and collages knows what's aluba.

Also, I can't help lol-ing at step 5.
I PITY whoever the birthday boy is!

Then I found another site, that gives a better explanation:
In aluba, a boy is lifted off the ground by a group of his peers. His legs are forcibly parted, and the crowd shouts "aluba" as they ram the struggling victim crotch-first into any nearby upright object, such as a lamp post, an open door or a coconut tree.

Accoring to that site, people have been aluba-ing birthday boys since 1940!!
I'm like: O.O
This is a true tradition!
I shall recommend this tradition to be carried out in my family, especially to my brother and cousins xD

After finally knowing what 'aluba' is I told Chii.

But after all is said and done, aluba is kinda violent and brutal
I mean, someone could get seriously injured in the process. Be it the victim or the person holding the victim (cuz maybe the victim is struggling to hard, hit the guy or whatever).

All I know that in aluba, girls are safe. lol. Only boys becomes victim.

So guys, next time someone's birthday is around the conner, just be a little careful when playing aluba.
You really don't want to call the ambulance.

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