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Friday, December 18, 2009 @ 3:53 PM
How my mum's clothes hanger made us RM3K richer!
First off, I'm sorry for not replying all my FB/blog comments and stuff. I just came back from KL.

It was the most energy draining trip I ever made. Our (mum, me, sis and bro) journey starts at 5am. By bus. Then we continue on taxi til we reach Menara PNB

The PNB tower.

PNB stands for Permodalan Nasional Berhad.
Lots of people ask me what's PNB and honestly, I only know it has something to do with investment and m$on$ey. Heeehee.. But now I can tell you loud and proud what is it's full name.
PNB is basically a fund management company - the biggest in Malaysia, in fact. According to Wikipedia.

So I still don't know which prize I won because the guy who called insisted on giving all of us a surprise.

But, I found out all the same when my mum and I walk to the ground floor, where coincidently they put up all the winner's picture in a gallery.


our picture was there~!
So as anyone who know me closely would have known, I was totally hyped up about this.
I jumped, squealed (for the millionth time) and called Roxy again.

18 students invited to this ceremony. Because that's the amount of students who won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category- 'Puisi', 'Sajak', Drawing and Photography.
For category drawing and photography, it's split into lower and upper form. So all together 18 students.

All 18 students (including me) turned up. The ceremony starts at 3pm.
My whole family was there to lend me moral support (or that's what they say, I've a sneeky feeling they were there for the free stay and food XD).

The stage

Dad, Mum and Rachel

aunty Kim

Her smile is so cheeky here.
my baby sister <3

I was so nervous.
When they called my name, I felt my heart beat went like a butterfly's wing beat.
gosh, I look short here. Ahhh..my ego.

Kindly ignore my shoes.

Speaking of my shoes, wanna hear a joke?
I totally forgotten to bring my school shoes there. I left it in Melaka. Brilliant of me right?

So I freaked out. Luckily Aunty Kim was there.
She and I walked to KLCC's Bata shoe shop in an attempt to buy new black school shoes. In the end, I didn't buy normal black school shoes, I got another pair that looks like school shoes but is not, so that I can wear it outside as well instead of wearing it only for this ceremony.

This pair was the weird looking school shoes I wore upstage.

All 18 students.
No wait. There's a guy on my left hand side that's not in this pic.
My wonderful brother cum photographer of the day was such an awesome photographer that he manage to cut out a poor guy in the picture.

So now, as you can see, there's only 17 people in the picture. Including the half body boy on the left.

Oh and my mum's clothes hanger? Yesh, I used my mum's clothes hanger to make the words, 1 M A L A Y S I A.


and that's the story of how my mum's clothes hanger made us 3K richer.
Of course God helped ;)

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