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Sunday, April 4, 2010 @ 8:17 PM
Being chased by a white man with a golf club
So today something weird happened.

I was taking afternoon nap when I heard my little sister crying really hard.
I heard my dad ask her what's wrong.
My sister said betweens sobs 'Mr. B..'

I need to explain a little here, Mr. B lives in the same area me and my family are currently staying.
He's a really (my estimation is195cm) tall ang mo lang (Caucasian).
Mr. B is known to hate sounds of any kind.. he seems to hate kids most.
As most of you know, I work at the reception of the resort I'm staying now so I get to hear news of Mr. B a lot.
There's once, I heard, he went to the swimming pool and chase a kid out of the pool. Yes, he literally ran and chase the kid out. Because the kid was making too much noise.
Then there's another case where he went upstairs to the apartment unit above him and told the guest staying there to 'Teach your kids to walk properly' because he's staying at the apartment unit below.

So my dad immediately understood.
1. My sister went to the playground to play with her friends.
2. She came back crying.
Conclusion: Mr. B must've scolded them.
But what made my dad outraged was that Mr B went and took out a golf club and threated them with it. My mum was there, so she told us the story.

I know this sounds very confusing, so I drew a picture of this:
I wasn't there, but this is how I imagine it.
and that is exactly how Mr B look.
Very tall and bald.
Of course, the kids aren't bald but I lack creative juice to draw hair on them.

Mr B complained that the kids were too noisy.
But my mum said, which playground isn't noisy?
A quite playground is like a ghost town.

My parents then went to make a police report about this.
My sister was traumatized. I mean, it's not every day she was harassed by an intimidating tall white man with a golf club.

I kind of have mix feelings about this. I mean, yes, I've heard stories of how kids+noise intolerant Mr. B is..but I've never personally seen that side of him.
Every time he comes to the reception area, he would cheerfully call all the staffs by name and there's this once where he even  treated us with cheese tarts =3

So I actually pictured him as a nice person.
It disturbs me that a person you imagine as nice would do something like that to your family.

I also think that the police report maybe a little too much.. I dunno.. I'm quite confused how to feel or react now.

So what do you guys think?
I didn't blog about this so I can laugh at the kids or insult Mr. B.
I blog so because I like to hear what you think.. I need a 3rd point of view.

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