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Thursday, August 6, 2009 @ 6:09 PM
Black baby born to White Parents
Have you ever heard of the story of 2 white couple who had a dark skinned daughter?
It's not a story, it's real.

And this white couple's daughter wasn't just dark-skinned, she had fizzy hair too. And if you don't know her, you would never believe she is has any Caucasian blood.

But the fact still stands. Both her parents, Abraham and Sannie Laing are white. So were the girl's grandparents.

Before you start thinking, well maybe there was a mix up? Maybe she wasn't really the daughter of these Caucasian parents? No. They did a DNA test, and it confirmed that she was biologically their child.
Guys, meet Sandra Laing.

Sandra as a child

Sandra and mother Sannie

If you think I'm BS-ing then watch this video. It's the real documentary of Sandra. You get to see her. How she really looks like and if you pay attention, you'll realize that Sandra rarely looks up to the camera. She speaks in a soft voice and seems very introvert.

From what I've read of her, Sandra is like this because of the racism she faced when she was a child.
It's sad that Sandra Laing was born in the time and location where her appearance would greatly hinder her life. Because Sandra is a Afrikaner (Afrikaners are NOT Africans! They are European decedents living in Africa) born in South Africa in 1955 - a time when apartheid ruled.

Maybe God wanted to show them something
Maybe God wanted to teach them something..
But they wouldn't listen. They didn't learn. Because of her skin color, Sandra was kicked out of school at age 10 with 2 police men escorting her out. Imagine the humiliation she faced.

Sandra is now 40 something and married. She says "I'm much happier with black people. I am, I was, very shy with white people. Even today I still think white people don't like black people because of the way they treated me."

I thought this would be an inspiring lesson to all of us.

Sandra is suppose to be a fair skinned, perhaps even blond haired girl. But when that didn't happened, everyone accused her of being 'black'. Let's stop judging the book by it's cover. Judge a person by his or her heart :)

P/S: If you are still curious as why Sandra is dark skinned, try THIS site, it gives some explanations.

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