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Hello there, Stranger!
Welcome to my humble little blog.

The name's Tammie, but friends call me Tam (not 'thumb').

Who am I, you ask?
I'm not that smart top-scorer girl in your class.
I'm not that pretty lass you always see on the streets either.
I am passionate, stubborn and emotional.
My absolute most favorite thing to do is hanging out with people I care & love.
My passion burns for Jesus & photography.
I wish to travel more and see more.

This blog was created so I get to jot down my feelings.
Happenings in life.
That is, if I'm not too lazy to update ;)

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010 @ 12:32 AM
What crazy things did u do today?
My ex-classmate nudge me on msn the other day.

I know for a fact that he doesn't find me unless there's something to kacau me about.
True enough, he invited to on web cam.
He type: "Accept! I want to show you something"

I hesitated.

He must have sense it because the next thing he typed was "Don't worry, it's healthy one."
His words, not mine. 

So I accepted the web cam invitation.
The first image I saw on his webcam was something like this:

Then he type: "Tell me when you're ready."
Suspense wei.
I was getting more and more suspicious and curious.

I was thinking 'Uhh...Can I not see what I think you want to show me?'
Of course I didn't tell him that.

I was curious as well so I type back, "Ok. Ready"

His next movement was so quick, I didn't get to response fast enough.

I was so shocked.

I just stared at the screen.

You guys wanna know what he showed me?

This is what he showed me:
What were you thinking??

He's botak!
haha.. he looks like he just came out of NS.

But seriously, after laughing my bottom off at his new hairdo, I interrogated him.

'Why suddenly cut botak?'
'Are you okay?'

Found out he and his friends just did it for fun.


Teen boys.
Go figure.

So I was thinking, what crazy stuff have I done before?
I can't think of anything!
Am I that un-spontaneous?
I wanna go bungee jumping someday.
Or a spontaneous backpacking trip across Europe (even Asia will do).

So, tell me!
What insane, on the spot things have you guys done before?

p/s: what would you guys think if I shave bald too?
just asking x)

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