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Saturday, September 12, 2009 @ 4:33 PM
My thoughts on this
I hope that this story, even though flawed, will give you readers a little insight as to how it feels like when a girl/woman goes for an abortion. The emotions she felt.
It's not a light issue we just brush away after reading.

Now I know in my story, I made the guy seem evil. Irresponsible and bad.
But you know, if I were a boy (LOL), and a girl told me I made her pregnant, I would have panic. I may even run away.

I dunno what you guys think of the 2 posts before this.. but I just feel so strongly on this issue.

The number of pregnancies and abortions are increasing each day, month, year..

The research:
While I was doing the research for the 'Story of a girl'.

I stumble to a forum where a person asked how much it took to have an abortion in KL.
she said she's 19 this year and she wants to do an abortion.
A person answers RM450-800.

Rm450-800 to take away a life.
RM450-800 to kill a baby.
What is this world coming to..?

A lot of other responders ask her if she was sure she wanted to do an abortion.
Many told her to take care.
She didn't reply though.
I wouldn't too if I was going have an abortion.

I found some shocking details about our Malaysian hospitals and doctors who do abortion in that forum.
A person says that some doctors do it privately. You can't ask at the counter if you want to do an abortion in a general hospital. You've got to ask around quietly another person says.

I also found out the different types of ways they kill the fetus.
At 8 weeks, they use suction to abort the baby.
At 18 weeks, they use salt poisining or dialation and evacuation.

Do you know, at 12 weeks old the baby can feel pain.
Imagine the pain and physical hurt it will feel when the doctor crack all its tiny bones in attempt to kill it.

Abortion is still illegal in Malaysia.
It saddens me that so many babies are to die before being born.

The Facts:
Do you know, when a woman/girl does an abortion, she is risking her health as well?
She is putting herself at risk of getting infection, damage internal organs, hemorrhaging (excessive bleeding) and in extreme cases, she may die.

In Cambodia, there is a man who sat up a home for these unwed mothers. He takes them in. Feeds their children, gives them a place to stay and just takes care of the mothers and kids until they can live on their own. He does all these to help these women to avoid abortions.

The Helpline:
There are a few places that a unwed yet pageant girl can go to before choosing to do abortion.
Agape Malaysia is one of those who help unwed mothers to avoid abortions.
Click HERE to find out more from them. And HERE to contact them.

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